Tuesday, March 3, 2009

War Picture Books

Baillie, Allan; ill. Di Wu Rebel 1994
Burma - Military coup

Beck, Jennifer; ill. Robyn Belton The bantam and the soldier 1996 (NZ)

Beck, Jennifer; ill. Lindy Fisher A present from the past 2006 (War nurses) WW1;
Stefania’s dancing slippers 2007 (Polish immigration)

Borden Louise; ill. Niki Daly The greatest skating race : a World War II story from the Netherlands 2004

Borden, Louise; ill. Michael Foreman The little ships : the heroic rescue at Dunkirk in World War II 1997 (Sophisticated Picture Book)

Breckler, Rosemary; ill. Deborah Kogan Ray Sweet dried apples : a Vietnamese wartime childhood 1996
Vietnam War

Cali, Davide; ill. Serge Bloch The enemy 2007 (Sophisticated Picture Book)
Unspecified war - suggestion of WW1

Cartwright, Pauline; ill. Campbell, Caroline A war far away 1990
NZ - WW2

Deedy, Carmen Agra; ill. Henri Sorensen The yellow star : the legend of King Christian X of Denmark 2002

Drewery, Melanie; ill. Fifi Colston Papa’s island 2006 (NZ)
WW2 Internment

Duncan, Tracy; ill. Bruce Potter Grandad’s medals 2004 (NZ—Gallipoli)
WW1 - WW2

Garland, Sherry; ill. Ronald Himler The buffalo soldier 2006
American Indian and Spanish American wars (general Afro-American military history)

Harper, Glyn; ill. Bruce Potter The donkey man 2004 (NZ—Gallipoli)

Harper, Glyn; ill. Warren Mahy The sky soldiers 2005 (NZ—Crete)

Harper, Glyn; ill. Bruce Potter My grandfather’s war 2007 (NZ)
Vietnam War

Heffernan, John; ill. Andrew McLean My dog 2001 (Sophisticated/Senior—deals with genocide and rape )

Heide, Florence Parry and Judith Heide Gilliland; ill. Ted Lewin Sami and the time of the troubles 1998 (Lebanon)
Middle East Conflict

Hesse, Karen; ill. Wendy Watson The cats in Krasinski Square 2004 (Sophisticated/Senior-- Warsaw Ghetto)

Hoestlandt, Jo; ill. Johanna Kang Star of hope, star of fear 1995 (Sophisticated /Senior themes)

Hoy, Catriona; ill. Benjamin Johnson My grandad marches on Anzac Day 2006 (Australia—Gallipoli)
WW1/ WW2

Johnston, Tony; ill. Ron Mazellan The harmonica 2004 (Sophisticated/Senior) WW2

Johnston, Phyllis My marine 2001 (NZ)

Jorgensen, Norman; ill. Brian Harrison-Lever In Flanders fields 2002 (Sophisticated)

Khan, Rukhsana; ill. Ronald Himler The roses in my carpets 2004
Afghanistan War

Lee-Tai, Amy; ill. Felicia Hoshino A place where sunflowers grow (Sophisticated) 2006

Littlesugar, Amy Willy & Max : a holocaust story 2006 (Sophisticated/Senior) WW2

McKee, David The conquerors 2004 (Sophisticated)
Colonising wars- general anti-war message

Morpurgo, Michael; ill. Michael Foreman The best Christmas present in the world 2004 (Sophisticated)

Myers, Walter Dean; collages by Ann Grifalconi Patrol: an American soldier in Vietnam 2002 (Sophisticated/Senior)
Vietnam War

Sim, Dorrith M.; ill. Gerald Fitzgerald In my pocket 1996
WW2—Dutch Jewish evacuation

Skarmeta, Antonio; ill. Alfonso Ruano The composition 2000 (Sophisticated/Senior)
Resistance to dictatorship—South America

Uchida, Yoshiko; ill. Joanna Yardley The bracelet 1993

Vander Zee, Ruth and Sneider, Marian; ill. Bill Farnsworth Eli remembers 2007 (Sophisticated/Senior; deals with genocide)
WW2—Lithuanian Jews

Watts, Irene N. ; ill. Kathryn E. Shoemaker A telling time 2004 (Sophisticated/Senior)

Wells, Rosemary; ill. Greg Shed The language of doves 1996

Wolfer, Dianne; ill. Brian Harrison-Lever Photographs in the mud 2005 (Sophisticated)