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Children from other Cultures

Aiono-Josefa, Sarona; ill. Bruce Potter. The pipi swing (Samoan family in New Zealand) 2007

Alalou, Elizabeth and Ali; ill. Julie Klear Essakalli .The butter man (Morocco) 2008

Alexander, Lloyd; ill. Trina Schart Hyman. The fortune-tellers (Cameroon, West Africa) 1992

Alexander, Sue; ill. Geirges Lemoine. Leila (Bedouin) 1986

Ashley, Bernard; ill. Derek Brazell. Cleversticks (Chinese in Britain) 1991

Bateson Hill, Margaret; ill. Karin Littlewood. Chanda and the mirror of moonlight (India) 2003

Beake, Lesley; ill. Karin Littlewood. Home now (Africa) 2007

Bercaw, Edna Coe. Halmoni’s day (Korea—1950s) 2000

Brett, Jan. Daisy comes home (China) 2002

Bridges, Shirin Yim; ill. Sophie Blackall. Ruby’s wish (China) 2002

Bunting, Eve; ill. Chris Soentpiet. Jin Woo (Korean American) 2001

Cheng, Andrea; ill Ange Zhang. Grandfather counts (Chinese American) 2000

Cherry, Lynne and Mark J. Plotkin. The shaman’s apprentice : a tale of the Amazon rain forest

Chinn, Karen; ill. Cornelius Van Wright and Ying- Hwa Hu. Sam and the lucky money (China) 1995

Choi, Yangsook. Peach heaven (Korea) 2005

Conway, David. Lila and the secret of rain (Kenya) 2007

Coste, Marion; ill. Yong Chen. Finding Joy (China) 2006

Cumberbatch, Judy; ill. Ken Wilson-Max Can you hear the sea? (West Africa) 2006

Cummings, Mary; ill. Lin Wang Three names of me (China) 2006

Cunnane, Kelly; ill. Ana Juan For you are a Kenyan child 2005

Daly, Niki Pretty Salma (Ghana) 2006

Donaldson, Julia; ill. Joel Stewart The magic paintbrush (China) 2003

Dunstan, Kylie Collecting colour (Australian aboriginal culture) 2008

Foreman, Michael Mia’s story : a sketchbook of hopes and dreams (Colombia) 2006

George, Jean Craighead; ill. Ted Rand Nutik, the wolf pup (Inuit) 2001

Grossman, Patricia; ill. Enrique O. Sanchez Saturday market (Mexico) 1994

Hagbrink, Bodil The children from Tibet : the story of a family from the remotest land on earth 1990

Hall, Bruce Edward; ill. William Low Henry and the kite dragon (Chinese American) 2004

Hanson, Regina; ill. Harvey Stevenson The tangerine tree (Jamaica) 1995

Hedderwick, Mairi Katie Morag and the dancing class (Scotland—Hebrides) 2007

Ho, Minfong; ill. Holly Meade Peek! A Thai hide-and-seek 2004

Hoffman, Mary; ill. Karin Littlewood The colour of home (Somalia) 2002

Hughes, Monica; ill. Luis Garay A handful of seeds (Mexico) 1993

Isadora, Rachel At the crossroads (apartheid- era South Africa) 1991; A South African night 1998

Joosse, Barbara M.; ill. Giselle Potter Ghost wings (Mexico) 2001

Jungman, Ann; ill.Shelley Fowles The most magnificent mosque (Islamic Spain) 2004

Kessler, Cristina; ill. Walter Lyon Krudop My great-grandmother’s gourd (Sudan) 2000

Kitamura, Satoshi Stone Age boy 2007

Klaassen, Sandra Uan the little lamb (Scotland--Hebrides) 2005

Krishnaswami, Uma; ill. Soumya Sitaraman Chachaji’s cup 2003;
ill. Jamel Akib Monsoon 2003; Bringing Asha home 2006 (India)

Lee, Huy Voun At the beach (China—includes Chinese characters) 1994

Lee-Tai, Amy; ill. Felicia Hoshino A place where sunflowers grow (Japanese American—includes Japanese characters) 2006

Lewin, Ted The storytellers (Morocco) 1998

Li, Cunxin; ill. Anne Spudvilas The peasant prince (the true story of Mao’s last dancer—China) 2007

Lipp, Frederick; ill. Jason Gaillard Running shoes (Cambodia) 2006

Lynch, David et al Armando and the blue tarp school (Mexico) 2007

Lo, Ginnie; ill. Beth Lo Mahjong all day long (China—includes Chinese characters) 2005

Long, Don; ill. Vivienne Lingard The lacquered box (Vietnamese New Zealand) 2004

Look, Lenore; ill. Yumi Heo Henry’s first-moon birthday (Chinese American) 2001

Louis, Catherine Liu and the bird : a journey in Chinese calligraphy 2006

McCourt, Frank; ill. Raul Colon Angela and the Baby Jesus (Ireland) 2007

Manos, Helen; ill. Max Maxfield Lucky baby yak (Tibet) 2007

Manushkin, Fran; ill. Holly Berry How Mama brought the spring (Belarus) 2008

Marin, Gabiann; ill. Jacqui Grantford A true person (unspecified nationality—refugee immigrant to Australia) 2007

McMillan, Bruce; ill. Gunnella How the ladies stopped the wind (Iceland) 2007

Nash, Deborah Made in China 2004

Norrington, Leonie; ill. Dee Huxley You and me : our place (Australian Aboriginal) 2008

Ormerod, Jan Water witcher (Australia) 2006

Ravishankar, Anushka; ill. Emanuele Scanziani To market! To market! (India) 2007

Recorvitis, Helen; ill. Gabi Swiatkowska My name is Yoon (Korean American) 2003

Russell, Barbara Timberlake; ill. Claire B. Cotts The remembering stone (Costa Rica) 2004

Schur, Maxine Rose; ill. Brian Pinkney Day of delight : a Jewish Sabbath in Ethiopia 1994

Sellier, Marie; ill. Catherine Louis; Chinese characters by Wang Fei The legend of the Chinese dragon 2007

Shea, Pegi Deitz; ill. Leane Morin The carpet boy’s gift (Pakistan) 2003

Stanton, Karen; ill. Rene King Moreno Papi’s gift (Mexico) 2007

Stock, Catherine Where are you going Manyoni? (Zimbabwe) 1993

Suzuki, David and Ellis, Sarah; ill. Sheena Lott Salmon forest (Canada) 2003

Thong, Roseanne; ill. Yangsook Choi Gai See : what you can see in Chinatown 2007

Trottier, Maxine; ill. Al Van Mil The tiny kite of Eddie Wing (China) 1996

Uegaki, Chieri; ill. Stephane Jorisch Suki’s kimono 2003

Vander Zee, Ruth and Sneider, Marian; ill. Bill Farnsworth Eli remembers
(Lithuanian Jewish—Sophisticated Picture Book, senior content) 2007

Villanueva, Marie; ill. Ria Unson Nene and the horrible math monster (Filippina American) 1993

Vyner, Tim World team (many different cultures) 2001

Williams, Karen Lynn and Mohammed, Khadra; ill. Doug Chayka Four feet, two sandals (Afghanistan; Pakistani refugee camp) 2007

Williams, Laura E.; ill. Eujin Kim Neilan The best winds (Korea) 2006

Williams, Mary; ill. R. Gregory Christie Brothers in hope : the story of the lost boys of Sudan (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2005

Winter, Jeanette Angelina’s island (Jamaica) 2007

Yaroshevskaya, Kim; ill. Luc Melanson Little Kim’s doll (1930s USSR) 1999

Yi, Hu Yong Good morning China 2007

Young, Ed I, Doko : the tale of a basket (Nepal) 2004;
My mei mei (China- adoption) 2006

Ziefert, Harriet; ill. Santiago Cohen Home for Navidad (Mexico) 2003

Cecily Fisher (updated 18-10-07)

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