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Fractured Fairy Tales

Tortured Traditional Rhymes *
Lacerated Legends **
& Murdered Myths

Ada, Alma Flor. Yours truly, Goldilocks
Ahlberg, Allan & Howard, Paul The bravest ever bear
Ahlberg, Janet & Allan. The jolly postman…and other people’s letters
Ahlberg, Allan; ill. Bruce Ingman Previously (2007)
Allan, Nicholas. Cinderella’s bum
Allen, Debbie. Brothers of the knight (Sophisticated Picture book)
Allen, Jonathan. Wolf Academy
Andersen, Hans Christian. The little match –girl (Strikingly unusual illustrations by Kveta Pacovska).
The wild swans (ill. Anne Yvonne Gilbert; trans. Naomi Lewis. A picture book version of Andersen’s adaptation of the Grimm Brothers’ traditional story, The six swans)
Anholt, Laurence. Jack and the dreamsack
Armitage, Ronda; ill. Arthur Robins Small knight and George** (2007)
Arnold, Tedd There was an old lady who swallowed Fly Guy* (2007)
Aslund, Tatiana. Moho the ugly pukeko (2005-NZ) (see Perky the pukeko for a contrast version);
ill. Vasanti Unka The bean’s story * 2007 (variation of both The house that Jack built and Jack and the beanstalk)
Auch, Mary Jane. Peeping Beauty; The princess and the pizza; Beauty and the beaks : a turkey’s cautionary tale (2007)
Babcock, Chris. No moon, no milk! *
Baillie, Allan & Bentley, Jonathan Archie the big good wolf
Bailey, Linda. Gordon Loggins and the three bears
Baker, Keith Hickory dickory dock *(2007)
Ball, Murray Fred the (quite) brave mouse (Sophisticated picture book version of The lion and the mouse) (NZ-2003)
Bang, Molly Goose 1996
Bateman, Teresa; ill. Yayo Keeper of soles (2006)
Bateson Hill, Margaret Chanda and the mirror of moonlight (Indian Snow White variation—2003)
Bee, William Beware of the frog (Princess and the frog variation) 2008
Belcher, Angie; ill. Debbie Tipuna The girls in the kapahaka (NZ) *
Bernheimer, Kate; ill. Nicoletta Ceccoli The girl in the castle inside the museum 2008
Bishop, Gavin. The house that Jack built (NZ) *
Rats (Pied Piper variant) (2007)
Bloom, Becky; ill. Pascal Biet Wolf!
Blundell, Tony. Beware of girls
Briant, Ed . Seven stories (2005)
Briggs, Raymond. Jim and the beanstalk
Brown, Ken. What’s the time, Grandma Wolf? *
Brown, Ruth. Night-time tale
Browne, Anthony. Into the forest; Little Beauty (Beauty and the Beast variant) (2008)
Buzzeo, Toni; ill. Mary GrandPre The sea chest ** (2002)
Calmenson, Stephanie. The principal’s new clothes
Cecil, Randy. One dark and dreadful night
Chapman, Gaye Little Blue (2008)
Chen, Chih-Yuan Guji Guji (Ugly Duckling variant--2004)
Child, Lauren. Beware of the storybook wolves
Child, Lauren; “captured” by Polly Borland The princess and the pea (2005)
Christelow, Eileen Where’s the big bad wolf? (2002)
Christian, Chardi; ill. Freya Blackwood The selkie and the fisherman (2005)
Cohlene, Terri; ill. Doug Keith Something special (Frog Prince variant) 2005
Cole, Babette. Prince Cinders (video also available); Princess Smartypants
Conover, Chris. The adventures of Simple Simon*
Cox, Michael; ill. Liz Million Little Fred Riding Hood (2006) (Fiction title—FIC COX)
Cresp, Gael & Cox, David. The biography of Gilbert Alexander Pig
Cruickshank, Margrit; ill. Amanda Harvey Don’t dawdle Dorothy! (1999)
Crummel, Susan Stevens; ill. Dorothy Donohue Ten-gallon Bart (cartoon animal version of High Noon. Collage illustrations 2006)
Daly, Niki Pretty Salma (Little Red Riding Hood variant from Ghana- 2006)
De Kantzow, Megan; ill. Craig Smith Just you wait! (2004)
Dealey, Erin. Goldie Locks has chicken pox
Delessert, Etienne Big and bad (Three little pigs variation) 2008
Derby, Sally; ill. Vincent Nguyen Whoosh went the wind! (modern tall tale 2006)
Donaldson, Julia; ill. Liz Pichon Spinderella (2002);
ill. David Roberts Tyrannosaurus Drip (Ugly Duckling variant- 2007)
Duffy, Carol Ann; ill. Jane Ray The lost happy endings (2006); ill. Nicoletta Ceccoli The tear thief (2007)
Edwards, David; ill. Ashley Wolff The pen that Pa built * (2007)
Elliot, Rachel; ill. Leo Broadley The friendly witch (2005)
Ellwand, David; ill. Christine Tagg Cinderlily : a floral fairy tale (Sophisticated picture book 2003)
Emberley, Rebecca. Three cool kids
Emmett, Jonathan & Cox, Steve. Pigs might fly! : the further adventures of the three little pigs
Ernst, Lisa Campbell. Goldilocks returns (video also available); The gingerbread girl ( 2006)
Fearnley, Jan. Mr Wolf and the three bears
Fierstein, Harvey. The sissy duckling
Forward, Toby; ill. Izhar Cohen The wolf’s story (what really happened to Little Red Riding Hood)
French, Fiona. Snow White in New York
Galbraith, Ben The three fishing brothers Gruff (2006)
Garland, Michael. Miss Smith’s incredible storybook
Gauch, Patricia Lee. Presenting Tanya the ugly duckling
Geraghty, Paul Rotten and Rascal : the two terrible pterosaur twins (modern fable)
Gerstein, Mordecai Carolinda Clatter (2005)
Gleeson, Libby; ill. Craig Smith Where’s Mum?
Goldberg, Myla; ill. Chris Sheban Catching the moon (original tall tale) 2007
Goodhart, Pippa; ill. Colin Paine Arthur’s tractor : a fairy tale with tractors and princesses!
Graham, Bob. Dimity Dumpty: the story of Humpty’s little sister *
Grahame, Kenneth. The reluctant dragon** (video also available)
Gravett, Emily Wolves 2006 (fable)
Gray, Christine. The king of Spain’s daughter *
Grey, Mini The adventures of the dish and the spoon * 2006
Grey, Mini. The pea and the princess
Guarnaccia, Steven. Goldilocks and the three bears : a tale moderne
Hartman, Bob. The wolf who cried Boy
Harvey, Damian; ill. Korky Paul Snail’s legs (an original fable/pourquoi tale—2007)
Hathorn, Libby; ill. Gregory Rogers The gift (Pied Piper variant) 2000
Hawken, Kevin The wicked big toddlah (an original tall tale—2007)
Hawkins, Colin & Jackie. Fairytale News
Hoberman, Mary Ann. You read to me, I’ll read to you
Hopkins, Jackie Mims; ill. Jon Goodell The gold-miner’s daughter : a melodramatic fairy tale (2006)
Hughes, Shirley. Ella’s big chance : a fairytale retold
Ivimey, John W. Three blind mice*
Johnson, D.B. Four legs bad, two legs good! (fractured version of George Orwell’s Animal farm—2007)
Jones, Carol. What’s the time, Mr Wolf? *
Jungman, Ann; ill. Russell Ayto Cinderella and the hot air balloon (1992/2007)
Ketteman, Helen. Bubba the cowboy prince : a fractured Texas tale
Khoza, Valanga; ill. Sally Rippin Gezani and the tricky baboon (trickster tale—2003)
Kirk, Daniel. Humpty Dumpty*
Krensky, Stephen; ill. Brad Sneed Big bad wolves at school (2007)
Kressley, Carson; ill. Jared Lee You’re different and that’s super (2005)
Lamm, C. Drew. The prog frince
Langley, Jonathan. The fairytale cake; The princess and the frog
LaRochelle, David; ill. Richard Egielski The end : a backwards fairytale (2006)
Lasky, Kathryn; ill. John Manders Humphrey, Albert and the flying machine (Sleeping Beauty variant—2004)
Leask, Jeffrey. Little Red Rockinghood : a rock opera (includes rap music CD)
Legge, David Bamboozled (Topsy-turvy version of Alice in Wonderland—2005); orig. published 1994
Lendler, Ian. An undone fairy tale
Lester, Helen. Tackylocks and the three bears
Lester, Julius; ill. Jerry Pinkney Sam and the tigers (Little Black Sambo updated--1996
Lloyd-Janes, Sally; ill. Jill Newton Old MacNoah had an ark * (2008)
Lyons, Mary E.; ill. Terry Widener Roy makes a car ** (modern tall tale-- 2005)
McAllister, Angela; ill. Sally Anne Lambert Barkus, Sly and the golden egg (2002)
McCaughrean, Geraldine; ill. Nicki Palin Blue moon mountain 2006
McClements, George. Jake Gander : Storyville detective (video also available)
McGee, Marni; ill. Ian Beck Winston the book wolf (2006)
McMillan, Dawn; ill. Raymond McGrath Turkey’s in the sleigh tonight *(Old McDonald variation) 2007
McNaughton, Colin. Watch out for the giant-killers (conservation message)
Maddern, Eric; ill. Paul Hess Death in a nut (Sophisticated Picture Book version of a Scottish traditional tale—2005)
Madison, Alan; ill. Giselle Potter The littlest grape stomper (tall tale—2007)
Matthews, Tina Out of the egg (Little Red Hen variant—2007)
Meddaugh, Susan. Cinderella’s rat
Millett, Peter; ill. Lamia Aziz The Anzac biscuit man and other classic Kiwi tales (NZ—2007)
Minters, Frances. Princess Fishtail
Mitchell, Marianne. Joe Cinders
Morrison, Toni & Slade. The ant or the grasshopper; The lion or the mouse
Morrison, Yvonne. A Kiwi ‘Night before Christmas’*;
ill. Donovan Bixley Wacko Kakapo (NZ Chicken Licken variant—2007)
Mountain, Peter; ill. Bryan Pollard Smelly-locks (an Exceptional Story Book from New Zealand) (2006); The wolf’s revenge (an Exceptional Story Book from New Zealand) (2006)
Murphy, Pat. Pigasus **
Myers, Christopher. Wings** (video also available)
Nelisi, Lino; ill. Elspeth Williamson Sione’s talo (Pacific Island version of The enormous turnip- 1992)
Nolan, Dennis Androcles and the lion (1997)
Nordqvist, Sven Pancakes for Findus (modern tall tale—2007)
Oakley, Graham. Once upon a time : a prince’s fantastic journey
PICT OLF Von Olfers, Sibylle; ill. Sieglinde Schoen Smith Mother Earth and her children : a quilted fairy tale (2007 reprint)
O’Malley, Kevin. Humpty Dumpty egg-splodes *; Once upon a cool motorcycle dude
Osborne, Mary Pope. Molly and the prince
Osment, Michelle; ill. Sunset Perky the pukeko (NZ-- 2006)
Palatini, Margie. The three silly Billies
Pearce, Philippa; ill. Wayne Anderson The squirrel wife : an original fairy tale (2007)
Perlman, Janet. Cinderella Penguin; The emperor penguin’s new clothes; The penguin and the pea
Perret, Delphine The big bad wolf and me (2006)
Petach, Heidi. Goldilocks and the three hares
Potter, Beatrix The tale of Johnny Town-mouse
Price, Hugh. The truth at last about the Little Red Hen
Prior, Natalie Jane; ill. Cheryl Orsini Minnie Pearl and the undersea bazaar (Little mermaid variation) 2007
Provensen, Alice. Punch in New York
Puttock, Simon. Big Bad Wolf is good
Ramos, Mario I am so handsome (2007); I am so strong (2007)
Ray, Jane The apple-pip princess 2007
Rayner, Mary. The small good wolf
Roberts, Lynn; ill. David Roberts Little Red : a fizzingly good yarn (2005); Rapunzel : a groovy fairy tale (1970s setting—2007)
Robertson, M.P. The egg **; The dragon snatcher **; The great dragon rescue ** (all variants on the George and the Dragon legend)
Robins, Deri and Jim. The stone in the sword **
Robinson, Hilary & Sharratt, Nick. Mixed up fairy tales
Roddie, Shen; ill. Henning Lohlein My name is Mr Fox (2006)
Root, Phyllis; ill. Mary Grandpre Lucia and the light (2006)
Rosen, Michael; ill. Nick Sharratt Dear Mother Goose (a Lift the Flap book)* (2008)
Rosenthal, Paul. Yo, Aesop! (FIC ROS)
Ross, Tony. A fairy tale; Mrs Goat and her seven little kids
Rymond, Lynda Gene; ill. Nicoletta Ceccoli Oscar and the mooncats* (2008)
Santores, Charles. Three hungry pigs and the wolf who came to dinner
Schotter, Roni; ill. Giselle Potter The boy who loved words (a tall tale—2006)
Scieszka, Jon. The stinky cheese man; True story of the 3 little pigs by A.Wolf
Shannon, David. Alice the fairy
Short, Denise Tani the sea monster (NZ) 2006 (uses elements of traditional folklore, but is not based on any particular Maori legend)
Shulman, Lisa. Old MacDonald had a woodshop *
Sierra, Judy The house that Drac built *; Mind your manners, B.B.Wolf (2007)
Sis, Peter. A small tall tale from the far north
Smallman, Steve; ill. Joelle Dreidemy The lamb who came for dinner (2006)
Smith, Lane. Pinocchio the boy
Speed, Toby. Two cool cows *
Spencer, Kerry Lee. The princess and the pea
Squires, Janet; ill. Holly Berry The gingerbread cowboy (2006)
Steer, Dugald. Just one more story
Steig, William. Shrek!; Roland the minstrel pig
Stevens, Janet and Crummel, Susan Stevens. And the dish ran away with the spoon * (video also available)
Sturges, Philemon. The little red hen (makes a pizza)
Sykes, Julie; ill. Tim Warnes That’s not fair, Hare! (2001)
Tafuri, Nancy Whose chick are you? (Ugly Duckling variant—2005)
Thomas, Joyce Carol. The gospel Cinderella
Todd, Trevor & Denton, Terry. Revenge of the three blind mice *
Tucker, Kathy. Do knights take naps?
Ungerer, Tomi. Zeralda’s ogre
Vail, Rachel; ill. Scott Nash Over the moon* (1998)
Van Allsburg, Chris. The widow’s broom (trickster tale—1992)
Vozar, David. Yo, hungry wolf!
Waddell, Martin. The big bad mole’s coming!
Ward, Helen. The dragon machine
Ward, Nick. Who’s been eating my porridge?; A wolf at the door (omnibus volume 2005)
Wattenberg, Jane. Henny-Penny (video also available)
Wells, Rosemary. Max and Ruby’s first Greek myth; Max and Ruby’s Midas **
Wells, Rosemary. The miraculous tale of the two Maries ** (SPICT WEL) (2006)
West, Colin. The king of Kennelwick Castle*
Whatley, Bruce Wait! No paint!
Wiesner, David. The three pigs; The loathsome dragon **
Wilcox, Leah. Falling for Rapunzel; Waking Beauty (2008)
Wild, Margaret. The little crooked house*
Wildsmith, Brian and Rebecca. Jack and the meanstalk
Willis, Jeanne and Brown, Ruth. In search of the giant
Wolff, Patricia Rae. The toll-bridge troll
Wormell, Chris. George and the dragon **; In the woods
Yorinks, Arthur; ill. Jos. A. Smith The witch’s child (2007)
(A very comprehensive fairytale website)

* = Tortured traditional rhymes

** = Lacerated legends

Some useful fiction titles in this genre:

FIC LEV Levine, Gail Carson Ella enchanted (Cinderella variant)
Fairest (Snow White variant)

FIC MCC McCaughrean, Geraldine Peter Pan in scarlet : the official sequel

FIC MAG Maguire, Gregory Leaping beauty and other animal fairy tales

FIC TUA Tu’akoi, Feana; ill Fraser Williamson Freeze, Goldilocks!

Non fiction:
513.26 CAL Calvert, Pam; ill. Wayne Geehan Multiplying menace : the revenge of Rumpelstiltskin 2006

Full bibliographic details of all these books are available from the National Library’s online catalogue at

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Alma Flor Ada said...

I was pleased to see one of my books included in your list. The series of three books in letter format: Dear Peter Rabbit; Yours Truly, Goldilocks; and With Love, Little Red Hen has now become enriched by a fourth book, Extra! Extra! Hidden Forest News, with some of the same characters and some new ones and this time written in newspaper format!
Thanks for your informative blog and all best wishes, Alma Flor Ada