Thursday, September 17, 2009


Alexander, Goldie; ill. Michele Gaudion Lame duck protest 2009
Amato, Mary; ill. Delphine Durand The chicken of the family 2008
Armstrong, Grey; ill. Nicki Wise Little duck checks it out 2004
Auch, Mary Jane; ill. Herm Auch Beauty and the beaks : a turkey’s cautionary tale 2007
Bang, Molly Goose 1996
Bansch, Helga Odd bird out 2008
Bennetts, Marlene J.; ill. Trish Bowles Skalaska’s new home 2005 (FIC BEN—this is a junior level fiction title).
Blake, Robert J. Fledgling 2000
Brown, Alan; ill. Christian Birmingham Windhover 1997
Brown, Ben; ill. Helen Taylor The penguin who wanted to fly 2006; A booming in the night 2006; The rainmakers 2007 ( also other picture books featuring New Zealand birds); The sparrow and the feather 2009
Burke, Tina Fly, little bird 2006
Carthew, Mark; ill. Mini Goss Five little owls 2007
Cecil, Randy Duck 2008
Chen, Chih-Yuan Guji Guji 2004; The featherless chicken 2006
Cowley, Joy; ill. Robyn Belton The duck in the gun (1969) 2009
Crew, Gary; ill. Gillian Warden Cat on the island (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2008
D’arcy, Mark Why the chickens crossed the road (NZ) 2006
Davies, Nicola; ill. Michael Foreman White owl, barn owl 2007
DiCamillo, Kate; ill. Harry Bliss Louise, the adventures of a chicken 2008
Drewery, Melanie; ill. John O’Reilly and Ali Teo Tahi one lucky kiwi (based on a true story) (NZ) 2007
Elbling, Peter; ill. Sophy Williams Aria 1994
Endt Topzand, Monique Lucky pateke (NZ) 2006
Fitzpatrick, Mike and Esther; ill. Bruce Madden Jack 2008
Flack, Marjorie; ill. Kurt Wiese The story about Ping (new edition of classic, originally published in 1933) 2000
Foster, Ali; ill. Viv Walker Elwyn’s dream : saving the takahe 2008
Friend, Catherine; ill. John Manders The perfect nest (cat and farmyard birds) 2007
George, Jean Craighead ; ill. Wendell Minor Luck : the story of a sandbill crane 2006; ill. Priscilla Lamont Goose and Duck (early reader) 2008.
Graham, Bob How to heal a broken wing 2008
Grindley, Sally; ill. Michael Terry The sulky vulture 2002
Hall, Amanda Prince of the birds 2005
Helakoski, Leslie; ill. Henry Cole Big chickens 2006 (cf Henry and the fox); Big chickens fly the coop 2008
Henderson, John and Donaldson, Julia; ill. Thomas Docherty Fly, pigeon, fly! 2006
Hill, Anthony; ill. Jane Tanner Lucy’s cat and the rainbow birds 2007
Horacek, Petr Silly Suzy Goose 2006; Look out, Suzy Goose 2008
Hutchison, Jennifer; ill. Anne Hutchison Greg! The naughty takahe 2006
Kelley, Ellen A.; ill. Michael Slack My life as a chicken 2007
Kerr, Judith Goose in a hole 2005
Langley, Marie; ill. Samer Hatam Pukeko 2006; Pukeko the performer 2008
Lardner, Kym; ill. Oliver Lardner The naked penguin 2008
Lawrenson, Diana; ill. Dee Huxley Paraphernalia’s present (includes factual material about hens) 2008
Macaulay, David Rome antics; Angelo 2002 (both sophisticated in content)
McDonnell, Patrick South (wordless picture book) 2008
MacLennan, Cathy Chicky chicky chook chook 2007
McMillan, Bruce; ill. Gunnella The problem with chickens 2005
Martin, Janet; ill. Ivar Treskon Kiri the kereru 2007
Metzenthen, David; ill. Sally Rippin The rainbirds 2006
Milway, Katie Smith; ill. Eugenie Fernandes One hen : how one small loan made a big difference 2008
Mitton, Tony; ill. Guy Parker-Rees Playful little penguins 2007
Montenegro, Laura Nyman A poet’s bird garden 2007
Moriuchi, Mique; ill. Simon Puttock Butterfly girl 2007
Ngatupuna, Sharlene Helg; ill. Bruce Mahalski Did you shake your tail feathers? (NZ Ready to Read resource) 2008

Oliver, Narelle Home 2006
Osment, Michelle; ill. Sunset Perky the pukeko; Perky and the possum trap; Perky by the roadside (NZ) 2006; Perky and his chicks 2008
Palmer, Rebekah; ill. Megan McKenzie Little blue penguins (NZ) 2008
Parry, Taffy Tommy Tui’s journey 2007
Richardson, Justin & Parnell, Peter; ill. Henry Cole And Tango makes three 2005
Rodriguez, Beatrice The chicken thief 2009
Simmons, Jane Shout Daisy shout! 2002
Sutton Sally; ill. Dave Gunson Crazy kiwi tops and tails 2006
Tafuri, Nancy Whose chick are you? 2005; Blue goose 2007
Urbanovic, Jackie Duck and cover 2009
Voake, Charlotte Tweedle dee dee 2008
Watt, Melanie Augustine 2006
Weeks, Sarah; ill. Suzanne Duranceau Without you (Emperor penguins) 2003
PICT WHY Why did the chicken cross the road? (various artists) 2006
Wild, Margaret; ill. Julie Vivas Puffling 2008
Willems, Mo The pigeon wants a puppy 2008 (and three other pigeon books)
Wilson, Karma; ill. Jane Chapman Where is home, Little Pip? (penguin) 2008
Winch, John Fly, kite, fly! : a story of Leonardo and a bird catcher 2007

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