Thursday, September 17, 2009


Andersen, Hans Christian; ill. Kveta Pacovska The little match girl (Sophisticated picture book version with strikingly unusual illustrations) 2005

Anholt, Laurence Matisse king of colour 2007

Archer, Dosh and Mike Yellow bird, black spider 2004

Asbury, Kelly Bonnie’s blue house 1997

Axworthy, Anni Colours (Anni’s Animal School) 1990

Bansch, Helga Odd bird out 2008

Blackstone, Stella; ill. Debbie Harter Can you see the red balloon? 1997

Brown, Ben; ill. Helen Taylor Thief of colours; The rainmakers (NZ) 2007

Burningham, John Colours book 1987

Cabrera, Jane Cat’s colors 1997

Carmi, Giora A circle of friends (wordless Sophisticated picture book) 2003

Cheng, Christopher; ill. Steven Woolman One child 2000

Chichester Clark, Emma Eliza and the moonchild 2007

Crew, Gary; ill. Gregory Rogers Rainbow (Sophisticated picture book) 2001

Cullen, Catherine Ann; ill. David Christiana The magical, mystical, marvellous coat 2001

David, Ryan; ill. Sibylla Benatova The magic raincoat 2007

Dematons, Charlotte The yellow balloon (wordless Sophisticated picture book) 2004

Drewery, Melanie; ill. Tracy Duncan Nanny Mihi and the rainbow (NZ) 2001

Dunbar, Polly Dog Blue 2004; Flyaway Katie 2004

Dunstan, Kylie Collecting colour 2008

Dupasquier, Philippe Blue 2004

Ehlert, Lois Planting a rainbow 1988

Ford, Bernette; ill. Sam Williams Ballet Kitty (total pinkness- 2007)

Fox, Mem; ill. Kerry Argent Miss Lily’s fabulous pink feather boa 1999 ;
ill. Judy Horacek Where is the green sheep? 2004

Gravett, Emily Orange pear apple bear 2006

Heal, Gillian Grandpa Bear’s fantastic scarf 1996

Heap, Sue; ill. Nick Sharratt Red rockets and rainbow jelly 2003

Heap, Sue Danny’s drawing book 2007

Highet, Alistair; ill. Francois Roca The yellow train (Sophisticated) 2000

Hoffman, Mary; ill. Karin Littlewood The colour of home 2002

Holloway, Judith Bryers; ill. Phillip Paea Hine’s rainbow (NZ) 2001

Inkpen, Mick Bokobikes (Blue Nose Island) 2005

Jackson, Ellen; ill. Victoria Raymond Brown cow, green grass, yellow mellow sun 1995

Kilborne, Sarah S.; paintings by Steve Johnson with Lou Fancher Peach & Blue 1994

Kitamura, Satoshi Pablo the artist 2005

Jonas, Ann Colour dance 1992

Jorgensen, Norman; ill. Brian Harrison-Lever In Flanders Fields (Sophisticated) 2002

Kuskin, Karla; ill. Melissa Iwai Green as a bean 2007

Lehman, Barbara The red book (wordless Sophisticated) 2005

Liao, Jimmy The sound of colors : a journey of the imagination (Sophisticated) 2006
The blue stone : a journey through life (Sophisticated) 2008

Light, John; ill. Lisa Evans The flower (Sophisticated) 2006

Liu, Jae Soo; music by Dong Il Sheen Yellow umbrella (wordless picture book accompanied by music CD) 2002

Lodge, Annette Bird 2004

Ludy, Mark The flower man : a wordless (Sophisticated) picture book 2005

McKay, Frances; ill. Andrew Breakspeare Into the blue 2004

McKee, David Elmer and the rainbow 2007

Morpurgo, Michael; ill. Michael Foreman Rainbow bear 1999

Neubecker, Robert Courage of the blue boy 2006

PICT OLF Von Olfers, Sybille; ill. Sieglinde Schoen Smith Mother Earth and her children 2008

Otashi, Kathryn One 2008

Pirotta, Saviour; ill. Linzi West Patrick paints a picture 2007

Pittman, Helena Clare Still-life stew 1998

Porto, Tony; designed by 3CD Get red! : an adventure in color 2002
Blue aliens! : an adventure in color 2003
Reiss, John J. Colors 1969 (!)

Robertson, Bruce; ill. Kathryn Hewitt Marguerite makes a book (mediaeval illuminations) 1999

Robertson, Patrisha Cirque du soleil : parade of colors 2003

Robinson, Sue; ill. Helen Leach Edward’s magic paintbox 2002

Sakai, Komako Emily’s balloon 2006

San Souci, Robert D.; ill. Gary Kelley Red heels 1996

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro Lemons are not red 2004

Seuss, Dr My many coloured days 1988

Spalding, Andrea; ill. Leslie Watts The most beautiful kite in the world 2003

Tafuri, Nancy Blue goose 2007

Tashiro, Chisato Chameleon’s colors 2003

Thong, Roseanne; ill. Grace Lin Red is a dragon : a book of colors 2001

Vander Zee, Ruth; ill. Roberto Innocenti Erika’s story (non-fiction title dealing with the Holocaust—940. 5318) 2004

Verroken, Sarah Feeling sad 2007

Walter, Mildred Pitts; ill. Marcia Jameson Darkness 1995

Weitzman, Jacqueline Preiss; ill. Robin Preiss Glasser You can’t take a balloon into the Museum of Fine Arts (wordless Sophisticated picture book) 2002

Whatley, Bruce Wait! No paint 2001

Wheatley, Nadia; ill. Matt Ottley Luke’s way of looking (Sophisticated picture book) 1999

Wilson, April Magpie magic : a tale of colourful mischief 1999

Wilson, Tony; ill. Andrew McLean The minister for traffic lights 2007

Wood, Audrey The red racer 1995

Wood, Audrey; ill. Bruce Wood The deep blue sea : a book of colors 2005

Yolen, Jane; ill. Mark Teague How do dinosaurs learn colours and numbers? 2007

Ziefert, Harriet; ill. Todd McKie Lunchtime for a purple snake 2003

567.9 POT Uneversaurus : change the way you look at dinosaurs forever (This non-fiction title by Professor Potts looks at dinosaurs from the point of view of colour)

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