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Picture books dealing with death, loss, bereavement

Aiken, Joan The wooden dragon (2004)
Aiono-Josefa, Sarona; ill. Bruce Potter. The pipi swing (2007) (death of father)
Anholt, Laurence; ill. Jim Coplestone. Seven for a secret (2006)
Barron, T.J.; ill. Chris K. Soentpiet. Where is Grandpa?
Bauer, Jutta. Grandpa’s angel (older readers)
Beake, Lesley; ill. Karin Littlewood. Home now (2007)
Beck, Jennifer. Nobody’s dog
Binch, Caroline. The princess and the castle
Boelts, Maribeth; ill. David Walker, Before you were mine (2007)
Brisson, Pat. Sky memories (Fiction title 1999) (death of mother)
Brown, Ruth and Ken. Lion in the long grass.
Bunting, Eve. Rudi’s pond
Cartwright, Pauline. A war far away (NZ)
Caseley, Judith. When Grandpa came to stay
Catchpool. Michael. Grandpa’s boat (2008)
Chichester Clark, Emma. Up in Heaven
Cochran, Bill; ill. Dan Andreasen. The forever dog (2007)
Cowley, Joy & Mousdale, Chris. Brodie (NZ) (death of classmate)
Crew, Gary & Whatley, Bruce The lantern (older readers—2005)
Crowe, Carole; ill. Jim Postier. Turtle girl (2008)
DiSalvo-Ryan, Dyanne. A dog like Jack (1999)
Doyle, Roddy; ill. Freya Blackwood. Her mother’s face (death of mother. Sophisticated in content) 2008
Dumbleton, Mike. Passing on
Durant, Alan; ill. Debi Gliori.. Always and forever
Edwards, Becky; ill. David Armitage. My cat Charlie (2000)
Egger, Bettina. Marianne’s grandmother
Ehrlich, Amy. Maggie and Silky and Joe
Erlbruch, Wolf. Duck, death and the tulip (Sophisticated/Senior-- 2008)
Forest, Jacqueline. Jack and Patch (NZ)
Fox, Mem With love at Christmas
Garland, Sherry. I never knew your name (Senior)
Gould, Deborah. Grandpa’s slide show
Gray, Nigel. Little Bear’s grandad
Gregory, Nan. Wild girl & Gran
Hager, Mandy. Tom’s story (NZ) (death of father)
Harris, Robie H. Goodbye Mousie
Harvey, Jacqueline; ill. Warren Crossett. The sound of the sea (death of mother) (2005)
Hathorn, Libby. Grandma’s shoes
Hole, Stian (trans. Don Bartlett). Garmann’s summer (Sophisticated- 2008)
Holloway, Judith Bryers. Hine’s rainbow (NZ)
Hughes, Shirley. Alfie and the birthday surprise
Huria, Gabrielle. The waka huia (NZ)
Ichikawa, Satomi. My pig, Amarillo
Joosse, Barbara M. Ghost wings
Kerr, Judith. Goodbye Mog
Kessler, Pamela; ill. Denise Durkin. The old cattle dog (NZ—2005)
Lawson, Sue & Wheeler, Rebecca. Jamie’s star
Leavy, Una; ill. Jennifer Eachus. Goodbye Pappa
Lee, Lyn; ill. Kim Gamble. Eight (Lost and found) (2007)
Lindbergh, Reeve; ill. Kathryn Brown. My little grandmother often forgets (Alzheimer’s—2007)
Ludovic : visiting Grandpa (Video)
McFarlane, Sheryl. Waiting for the whales
McGough, Roger. The kite and Caitlin
McMillan, Dawn. Ride a white horse (older readers); Wood for the winter (NZ)
Maddern, Eric. Death in a nut (SPICT—2005)
Meharry, Dot.; ill. Brian Harrison. Dance for me (NZ)
Meharry, Dot; ill. Bruce Potter. The talking stick (NZ- Lost and Found- 2006)
Miles, Victoria; ill. Molly Bang. Old Mother Bear (2007)
Moroney, Trace. When I’m feeling sad (2005)
Nilsson, Ulf; ill. Eva Eriksson. All the dear little animals (2006)
Norling, Beth. The stone baby (Sophisticated Picture Book- 2002)
Norman, Lilith. Grandpa
Old, Wendie C. Stacy had a little sister (Sudden Infant Death syndrome)
Osborne, Mary Pope. Rocking horse Christmas. (2004)
[ Van] Ommen, Sylvia. Sweets (ideas about heaven) (2004)
Pereira, Janet; ill. Bruce Potter. Grandad (NZ) (2006)
Pittar, Gill. Milly, Molly and Jimmy’s seeds (sudden death of classmate); Milly,Molly and Grandpa’s oak
Puttock, Simon. A ladder to the stars
Rayner, Catherine. Augustus and his smile (general sadness) 2006
Rego, Marion; ill. Isabel Lowe. Grandad’s attic (Fiction title.NZ- 2002)
Rosen, Michael. Lovely old Roly. Thanksgiving wish.
Rosenberry, Vera. The growing- up tree
Savvides, Irini; ill. Owen Swan. Hide and seek (death of grandfather) ( 2008)
Searle, Rick; ill. Bronwyn Searle. Follow me (2001)
Sgouros, Christina. A pillow for my Mom
Skinner, Honoria; ill. Martin Simpson. Eva’s picture (NZ-Pacific
Stafford, Liliana. Snow bear; Grandpa’s gate (Alzheimers—2007)
Stanaway, Joanne. . A day like any other day (NZ)
Thompson, Colin) Falling angels; The violin man;
Dust (Sophisticated Picture Book, 2007);
The big little book of happy sadness (Sophisticated Picture Book --2008)
Tipene, Tim. Haere : farewell, Jack, farewell (NZ--Maori resource, 2005)
Torckler, Gillian; ill. Bruce Potter. The stuck there forever boat (changes-Tuvalu- 2008)
Varley, Susan. Badger’s parting gifts
Verroken, Sarah Feeling sad 2007
Viorst, Judith. The tenth good thing about Barney (video also available).
Vision, David & Mutiya; ill. Ignacio Alcantara. Missing you (Native American spirituality) 2004
Waddell, Martin. Grandma’s Bill
Wallace- Brodeur, Ruth. Goodbye Mitch (Also fiction title: Blue eyes better)
Ward, Helen; ill. Wayne Anderson. Moon dog (2006)
Ward, Nick. The biggest baddest wolf (2005)
Watson, Joy . Foster dog (NZ)
Wells, Rosemary; ill. Greg Shed. The language of doves
Westall, Robert; ill. William Geldart. David and the kittens (Changes within family --2003)
Wild, Margaret. Jenny Angel; Toby; Farmer Fred’s cow; Harry and Hopper (2009)
Wilson, Mark. My mother’s eyes : the story of a boy soldier (Sophisticated Picture Book-- 2009)
Wormell, Christopher. The saddest king (2007)
Yolen, Jane. Grandad Bill’s song Has suggestions about explaining death to children—see link When Children Grieve

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Carroll, Jane. Ribbons for her hair (Fiction title):
Krisher, Trudy. Kathy’s hats (both deal with leukaemia)
Cummings, Mary; ill. Lin Wang. Three names of me (acceptance of adoption; multiple families) 2006
Frame, Jeron Ashford; ill. R. Gregory Christie . Yesterday I had the blues(depression) 2003
Heffernan, John. My dog (senior level, deals with war, genocide)
Hoban, Russell; ill. Ian Andrew. Jim’s lion (serious illness)
Kahukiwa, Robin. Matatuhi (NZ) (discovery of adoption)
Meharry, Dot. Nicki’s mum (NZ) (serious illness)
Moran, Philip; ill. Michael Foreman Soggy the bear (lost things) 2006
Tan, Shaun. The red tree (depression)
Marriott, Janice. When Mum went away (NZ)
Ziefert, Harriet. Home for Navidad (Both deal with separation from mother)


Alborough, Jez. Watch out! Big Bro’s coming (new edition)
Allen, Jonathan. I’m not scared! (2007)
Baum, Louis; ill. Sue Hellard. Milo Mouse and the scary monster (2006)
Bergman, Mara; ill. Nick Maland Snip snap! (2005); Oliver who was small but mighty ( 2008).
Binch, Caroline. The princess and the castle
Bright, Paul & Cort, Ben. Under the bed; I’m not going out there (2006)
Broad, Micahel. Scaredy Cat and Boo (2007)
Browne, Anthony. Silly Billy (2006)
Burfoot, Ella. Darkness slipped in (2008)
Cali, Davide. The enemy (Sophisticated/Senior) 2007
Catchpool, Michael; ill. Jill Newton. Howling at the moon (2006)
Cave, Kathryn. You’ve got dragons
Cohn, Janice. Why did it happen? (*deals with violence in society, terrorism, etc)
Cooper, Helen The bear under the stairs 2008 (1993)
Cowell, Cressida; ill. Neal Layton. Emily Brown and the thing (2007)
Crimi, Carolyn; ill. John Manders. Where’s my mummy? (2008)
Danneberg, Julie; ill. Margot Apple. Cowboy Slim (2006)
Drewery, Melanie. The grumble rumble mumbler (NZ- 2007)
Dubosarsky, Ursula; ill. Andrew Joyner. The terrible plop (2009)
Dunbar, Joyce; ill. Jimmy Liao. The monster who ate darkness (2008)
French, Vivian & Fisher, Chris. Little Dog : you don’t have to be big to be brave (2006)
Funke, Cornelia. The wildest brother (2006)
Gaiman, Neill; ill. Dave McKean. The wolves in the walls (Sophisticated) 2003
Gravett, Emily. Little Mouse’s big book of fears (Sophisticated) 2007
Greder, Armin. The island (Sophisticated/Senior) 2007
Heide, Florence Parry; ill. Jules Feiffer. Some things are scary
Hendry, Diana; ill. Jane Chapman. The very noisy night (2005 edition with CD)
Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly worried (2000)
Helakoski, Lesley; ill. Henry Cole. Big chickens (2006); Big chickens fly the coop (2008)
Hole, Stian (trans. Don Bartlett). Garmann’s summer (Sophisticated- 2008)
Laguna, Sofie; Ben Redlich. Boris Monster; scared of nothing.(2007)
McCaughrean, Geraldine. Blue moon mountain 2006
McLeary, Errol. Special Cecil (NZ) (2006)
Mayer, Mercer. There are monsters everywhere (2005)
Michelsen, Richard; ill. Adam McCauley. Oh no, not ghosts! (2007)
Robertson, M.P. Big brave Brian. (2007)
Rohmann, Eric. A kitten tale (2008)
Ross, Tony. I want my light on! (2007)
Schwarz, Viviane. Shark and Lobster’s amazing undersea adventurer (2006)
Shuman, Carol. Jenny is scared ! * (Non-fiction 152.46)
Szymanik, Melinda; ill. Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson The were-nana (not a bedtime story) 2008
Thompson, Colin; ill. Chris Mould. Gilbert (2003); Gilbert goes out (2006)
Tipene, Tim; ill. John Bennett. Hinemoa te toa (2008)
Wan, Jin; ill. Phil Dron Little Monster and Little Boy Ugly (Teacher preview essential--2007)
Ward, Nick The biggest baddest wolf (2005)
Watt, Melanie. Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend( 2007)
Whybrow, Ian; ill. Adrian Reynolds. Harry and the dinosaurs make a splash (2007)
Wild, Margaret; ill. Anne Spudvilas. There’s a sea in my bedroom ;
Woolvs in the sitee (Sophisticated/Senior) 2006
Wishinsky, Freda; ill. Neil Layton. Nothing scares us (2004)
Wormell, Chris. Henry and the fox (2006). George, the dragon and the princess (2007); Ferocious wild beasts (2009)

Picture books about new babies, sibling rivalry, etc
Alexander, Martha. Nobody asked me if I wanted a baby sister
Allen, Pamela. Cuthbert’s babies
Anholt, Catherine and Laurence Anholt. Sophie and the new baby
Anholt, Laurence; ill. Jim Coplestone . Seven for a secret (2006)
Brown, Ruth. Baba/ Cry baby
Browne, Anthony. Changes
Bunting, Eve; ill. Chris Siontpiet. Jin Woo (2001); Hurry! Hurry! (2007)
Carmody, Isabelle; ill. Declan Lee The wrong thing (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2006
Casanova, Mary; ill. Ard Hoyt. Some dog! 2007
Clay, Jenny. The smile in the moon (NZ)
Cleary, Beverley. Ramona’s siblingitis (video)
Conway, David; ill. Karin Littlewood. The most important gift of all (2006)
Coste, Marion; ill. Yong Chen. Finding Joy (Inter-country adoption—2006)
Cowley, Joy. The bump (NZ)
Cox, Tania; ill. Janine Dawson. Alberta ( 2007)
Cummings, Pat. Angel baby
Cutler, Jane. Darcy and Gran don’t like babies
Danziger, Paula. Barfburger Baby, I was here first
De Paola, Tomie. The baby sister
De Wolf, Alex. What about me?
Doherty, Berlie; ill Alison Bartlett Paddiwak and Cozy
Fisher, Valorie. My big sister (2003) ; My big brother (2002)
Gliori, Debi. Penguin post; Mr Bear’s new baby; New big sister
Graham, Bob. Has anyone here seen William?
Gray, Kes. Baby on board
Grimes, Nikki; ill. Bryan Collier. Welcome, Precious! 2007
Harper, Anita; ill. Mary McQuillan. It’s not fair! 1985/2007
Harris, Robie H. Hi new baby!
Harris, Robie H.; ill. Michael Emberley Mail Harry to the moon! (2008)
Hawkes,K evin. The wicked big toddlah (2007)
Hoffman, Mary. Henry’s baby
Holt, Kimberley Willis; ill. Gabi Swiatkowska. Waiting for Gregory ( 2006)
Horse, Harry . Little Rabbit’s new baby (2006)
Howe, James. Pinky and Rex and the new baby (Adoption--early chapter book)
Hughes, Shirley. Angel Mae
Keats, Ezra Jack. Peter’s chair
Krishnaswami, Uma; ill. Jamel Akib. Bringing Asha home (Inter-country adoption) 2006
Little, Jean. Emma’s yucky brother (Adoption--early chapter book)
Lloyd, Sam. Mr Pusskins and Little Whiskers (2007)
McCully, Emily Arnold. New baby
MacDonald, Ross. Bad Baby ( 2005)
Mack, Todd; ill. Julia Gran. Princess Penelope takes charge! (2006)
McMullen, Nigel. Not me! (2001)
Melling, David Good knight sleep tight (2005)
Morrison, Yvonne; ill. Jenny Cooper. Better together (NZ-2007)
Neale, Rochelle; ill. Ross Kinnaird. I know about babies (2005)
Noonan, Diana . Auntie Rosie and the rabbit (NZ)
O’Connor, Kerrie; ill. Craig Smith. Little Jingle says no! (2006)
Offen, Hilda. Good girl, Gracie Growler
Petty, Kate; ill. Georgie Birkett. Ha ha, Baby! (2008)
Ross, Tony. I want a sister
Simon, Francesca. Don’t be horrid, Henry
Titherington, Jeanne. A place for Ben
Sykes, Julie. Little Tiger’s big surprise
Umansky, Kaye. This is is Jane, Jim
Voake, Charlotte. Ginger
Vulliamy, Clara. Ellen and Penguin and the new baby
Waddell, Martin; ill. Penny Dale. Once there were giants
Wells, Rosemary. McDuff and the baby
Winthrop, Elizabeth. I think he likes me
Young, Ed My mei mei. (Inter-country adoption--2006)

Picture books about moving house

Alike. Marianthe’s story : Painted words/ Spoken memories ( 1998)
Anholt, Catherine & Laurence. Billy and the big new school
Armitage, Ronda; ill. Holly Swain . A new home for a pirate (2007)
Beake, Lesley; ill. Karin Littlewood. Home now (2007)
Bedford, David & Williamson, Melanie. Hound dog (2005)
Blabey, Aaron. Sunday Chutney (2008)
Bougaeva, Sonja. The visitor (2007) (too much change when uninvited visitor moves in..)
Cole, Henry. On Meadowview Street (2007)
Crimi, Carolyn; ill. Regan Dunnick. The Louds move in (2006)
Edwards, Becky; ill. David Armitage. My cat Charlie
Gall, Chris. There’s nothing to do on Mars (2008)
Giffard, Hannah. Red Fox on the move (1992)
Gleeson, Libby; ill. Freya Blackwood. Amy & Louis (2006)
Grindley, Sally. A new room for William
Imai. Ayano. Chester (2007
Liao, Jimmy. The blue stone : a journey through life (Sophisticated- 2008)
Lobel, Anita. Nini here and there (2007)
McMillan, Dawn. Coming home (NZ)
Mathers, Petra. Kisses
Mewburn, Kyle; ill. Claire Richards. The eleventh sheep (2008)
Polizzotto, Carolyn & Spinks, Sarah. Trumpet’s kittens
Recorvits, Helen. My name is Yoon
Rosen, Michael. Moving
Ryan, Pam Munoz. A box of friends
Shulevitz, Uri. How I learned geography (Sophisticated in content- 2008)
Smith, Miriam; ill. Lesley Moyes. Annie and Moon (NZ)
Stafford, Lilian; ill. Susy Boyer. Grandpa’s gate (2007)
Stamm, Peter; ill. Jutta Bauer. When we lived in Uncle’s hat (Sophisticated- 2005)
Stewart, Sarah. The gardener (video also available)
Torckler, Gillian; ill. Bruce Potter. The stuck there forever boat (Tuvalu- 2008)
Viorst, Judith. Alexander, who’s not……going to move (video also available)
Watt, Melanie. Augustine (2006)
Winch, Gordon; ill. Alan Robinson. Do you know Millie? (2008)
Winter, Jeanette. Angelina’s island (2007)
from Rosa (1995)

Picture books about divorce

Cali, Davide; ill. Anna Laura Cantone . A dad who measures up (2007)
Coffelt, Nancy; ill. Tricia Tusa. Fred stays with me (2007)
Cole, Babette. The un-wedding (Two of everything)
Grindley, Sally. A new room for William
Lightfoot, Keri; ill. Ben Galbraith. Every second Friday (2008)
McAfee, Annalena; ill. Anthony Browne . The visitors who came to stay
McGinnis, Lila. If Daddy only knew me
Masurel, Claire. Two homes
Ormerod, Jan; ill. Carol Thompson. Molly and her dad (2008)
Smith, Miriam; ill. Lesley Moyes. Annie and Moon (NZ)
Smith, Will; ill. Kadir Nelson Just the two of us (Sophisticated Picture Book)
Wild, Margaret; ill. Lorraine Hannay Sam’s Sunday dad

(This is an area in which there is a lot of useful non-fiction material at junior level, at Dewey no.306.89)

· Picture books about starting school; school generally; school problems, bullying, etc
Allan, Nicholas. You’re all animals
Althea. The bullies
Anholt, Catherine & Laurence. Billy and the big new school
Aruego, Jose; ill. Ariane Dewey. The last laugh (2006)
Ballantyne, Peggy; ill. Andrew Burdan. Stevie’s first day (NZ-2006)
Bergman, Maria; ill. Nick Maland Snip snap! (bullying) (2005)
Billstrom, Dianne; ill. Don Kilpatrick III. You can’t go to school naked! (2008)
Brimner, Larry Dane; ill. Christine Tripp. School rules (2002)
Browne, Anthony. Willy the wimp (1984) 2008
Burke, Tina. Ruby makes a friend (imaginary friend) 2009
Butler, Dorothy; ill. Elizabeth Fuller. My brown bear Barney at school
Butterworth, Nick; ill. Mick Inkpen. The sports day (1988/2007); The school trip (1990/2007)
Buxton, Jane; ill. Jennifer Cooper. Jamie’s tiger voice (NZ- 2001)
Buzzeo, Toni; ill. Sachiko Yoshikawa. Our librarian won’t tell us anything (2006)
Carnavas, Peter. Jessica’s box (2008)
Cave, Kathryn. Friends
Chichester Clark, Emma. No more teasing
Child, Lauren. I am too absolutely small for school
Choldenko, Gennifer; ill. S.D.Schindler. Louder, Lili! (2007)
Clement, Rod. Just another ordinary day ; Louisa May Pickett, the most boring person in class (2005)
Cole, Babette. Hurrah for Ethelyn!; Three cheers for Errol
Counsel, June. But Martin! (2005)
Creech, Sharon; ill. Harry Bliss. A fine, fine school (2001)
Danneberg, Julie; ill. Judy Lowe. Last day blues. (2006)
Daly, Niki. Once upon a time
Deedy, Carmen Agra. The library dragon (1994) 2009
DeGroat, Diane No more pencils. no books, no more teacher’s dirty looks! (2006)
DiSalvo, DyAnne. Spaghetti Park
Edwards, Wallace. My science project (the Extinct Files) 2006
Elschner, Geraldine; ill. Jean-Pierre Corderoch. Max’s magic seeds. (2007)
Fierstein, Harvey; ill. Henry Cole. The sissy duckling (bullying—2002)
Finchler, Judy; ill. Kevin O’Malley. Miss Malarkey’s field trip 2004;. Miss Malarkey leaves no reader behind (boys’ reading) 2006
Foreman, Jack and Michael. Say hello. 2007
Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise Silly school 2007
French, Simon; ill. Donna Rawli ns. What will you be? 2007
Garland, Michael. Miss Smith reads again! 2006
Gormly, Greg; ill. Lynn Chapman. Rocky and the lamb (bullying-- 2006)
Grindley, Sally; ill. Margaret Cham berlain. It’s my school ( 2005)
Harris, Christine.I don’t want to go to school
Harris, Robie M. I’m not going to school today!
Hayes, Sarah; ill. Hannah Broadway. Dog day (2008)
Hest, Amy; ill. Jon J. Muth Mr George Baker (adult illiteracy) 2004
Hobbs, Leigh. Horrible Harriet; Fiona the pig’s biog day (2006)
Hoffman, Mary; ill. Cornelius van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu. Princess Grace (2007)
Hole, Stian (trans. Don Bartlett). Garmann’s summer (Sophisticated- 2008)
Hughes, Shirley. Lucy and Tom go to school
Hume, Lachie. Clancy the courageous cow (bullying- 2006)
Jack, Lynette; ill. Errol McLeary. The showdown (bullying- 20070
Jagtenberg, Yvonne. The first day of school
Jarman, Julia; ill. Lynne Chapman. Class two at the zoo (2007)
Kalman, Maira. Smartypants (Pete in school) (2003)
Klise, Kate; ill. M.Sarah Klise. Imagine Harry (2007)
Krensky, Stephen; ill. Brad Sneed. Big bad wolves at school ( 2007)
Kroll, Steven; ill. Vincent Nguyen. Jungle bullies (2006)
Lacombe, Benjamin. Cherry and Olive (2007)
Laguna, Sofie; ill. Ben Redlich. Boris Monster : scared of nothing (2007)
Layton, Neal. Steve’s Sunday blues (2002)
Leary, Mary. Karate girl (bullying—2003)
Loon, Joan Van; ill. Chantal Stewart. Teaching the teacher (2008)
Lynch, David. Armando and the blue tarp school (Sophisticated—2007)
Lipp, Frederick; ill. Jason Gaillard. Running shoes (2006)
McKee, David. Elmer and the big bird (bullying- 2008)
McNamara, Margaret; ill. G. Brian Karas. How many seeds in a pumpkin? (2007)
Mackall, Dandi Daley. First day
Madison, Alan; ill. Kevin Hawkes Velma Gratch & the way cool butterfly. (2007)
Melbourne, Hirini. Manu’s magic voice (Maori and English versions)
Millard, Kerry. Quincy and Oscar (2006)
Mills, Claudia; ill. R.W. Alley. Ziggy’s blue-ribbon day (2005)
Morrison, Vicki; ill. Nora Hilb. So shy (2004)
O’Neill, Alexis; ill. Laura Huliska-Beith. The recess queen (video also available) (bullying- 2002)
Otashi, Kathryn. One 2008
Pak, Soyung. Sumi’s first day of school ever
Penn, Aydrey; ill. Ruth e.Harper and Nancy M. Leak. The kissing hand. 2006 edition
Polacco, Patricia. Thank you, Mr Falker (Video also available) (dyslexia)
Ramos, Mario. I am so strong (bullying- 2007)
Reiss, Mike; ill. Michael Austin. Late for school (2003)
Rodman, Mary Ann; ill. Beth Spiegel. First grade stinks! (2006)
Rosen, Michael; ill. Chinlun Lee. Totally wonderful Miss Plumberry (2006)
Rosenberry, Vera . Vera’s first day of school
Ross, Tony. Is it because? (bullying) (2004)
Rylant, Cynthia; ill. Diane Goode. Alligator boy (2007)
Scotton, Rob. Splat the cat (2008)
Shange, Ntozake. Whitewash (Video also available)
Shannon, David. David goes to school. (2006)
Sherry, Kevin. I’m the biggest thing in the ocean (2007)
Simms, Laura; ill. David Catrow. Rotten teeth
Sperring, Mark. Wanda’s first day
Stones, Rosemary. No more bullying!
Szymanik, Melinda; ill. Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson The were-nana (not a bedtime story) (bullying- 2008)
Tipene, Tim. Taming the taniwha (NZ)
Valckx, Catharina. Lizette’s green sock (teasing--2002)
Wairama, Moira; ill. Bruce Potter. The puppet box (NZ) (2007)
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. The kindness quilt (2006)
Watson, Benjamin James; ill. Richard Watson. The boy who went ape (bad behaviour- 2008)
Watt, Melanie. Augustine (2006)
Wells, Rosemary. Yoko writes her name (2008)
Whiting, Sue; ill. Donna Rawlins. The firefighters (2008)
Whybrow, Ian; ill. Adrian Reynold . Harry and the dinosaurs go to school (2006)
Willems, Mo. Knuffle bunny too : a case of mistaken identity (2007)
Willis, Jeanne; ill. Adrian Reynolds. Mine’s bigger than yours! (bullying- 2008)
Yolen, Jane; ill. Mark Teague. How do dinosaurs go to school? (2007)
Zemach, Kaethe. Ms.McCaw learns to draw (2008)

Special situations

Garden, Nancy; ill. Sharon Wooding. Molly’s family (Two female parents—2004)
Klassen, Heather; ill. Beth Jepson. I don’t want to go to Justin’s house anymore (Child abuse--1999)
Richardson, Justin & Parnell, Peter; ill. Henry Cole. And Tango makes three
(Two male parents)—2005)
Riggs, Shannon; ill. Jaime Zollars. Not in Room 204 (Incest)—2007)
[Junior level non-fiction books dealing with sexual abuse include
What’s wrong with bottoms? (362.704 Hess—also available in te reo);
The right touch (362.76 KLE)
I have a secret (362.767 CHA)]
Woodson, Jacqueline; ill. Jon J.Muth . Our Gracie Aunt (Child abuse/ Fostering—2002)
Woodson, Jacqueline; ill. James E. Ransome. Visiting day (Visiting father in prison—2002)

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