Thursday, September 17, 2009

Comic/Graphic Picture Books

SPICT ABN Abnett, Dan and Furman, Simon (Aardman presents Wallace & Gromit) A pier too far 2005

SPICT BRI Briggs, Raymond Ivor the invisible 2001

SPICT COS Cosentino, Ralph Batman : the story of the Dark Knight 2008

PICT DIF Di Fiori, Larry Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher 2006

SPICT FAL Faller, Regis The adventures of Polo 2006

SPICT GOL Golds, Cassandra; ill. Stephen Axelsen The mostly true story of Matthew and Trim 2005

SPICT GOS Goscinny, R. & Uderzo, A. Re-issues of : Asterix the Gaul; Asterix and the great crossing; Asterix and the soothsayer; Asterix and the class act; Asterix and Caesar’s gift; Asterix at the Olympic Games; Asterix in Corsica; Asterix omnibus 2007 (see under Uderzo for others)

SPICT HER Herge Destination Moon (Tintin) 2003; The adventures of Tintin Volume 5 2007; Tintin in America 2008

SPICT ITW It was a dark and silly night (edited by Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly) 2003

PICT JOH Johnson, D.B. Four legs good, two legs bad! 2007

PICT OMA O’Malley, Kevin Lucky leaf 2004

PICT OMA O’Malley, Kevin; ill. Patrick O’Brien Captain Raptor and the moon mystery 2005; Captain Raptor and the space pirates 2007

SPICT ROG Rogers, Gregory The boy, the bear, the baron, the bard (wordless) 2004

SPICT ROG Rogers, Gregory Midsummer knight (wordless) 2006

SPICT ROG Rogers, Gregory The hero of Little Street (wordless) 2009

PICT SCH Schwarz, Viviane; ill. Joel Stewart Shark and Lobster’s amazing undersea adventure 2006; Timothy and the strong pajamas 2007

PICT SEN Sendak, Maurice and Margolis, Matthew Some swell pup : or Are you sure you want a dog? 1976

PICT STE Stevenson, James The stowaway 1990

SPICT STA Starke, Ruth; ill. Greg Holfeld Captain Congo and the crocodile king 2008

SPICT TAN Tan, Shaun The arrival (wordless) 2006

SPICT UDE Uderzo, Albert
Asterix and Obelix all at sea 2001
Asterix and the actress 2001
Asterix and the great divide 2003
Asterix and the magic carpet 2002
Asterix and the secret weapon 2002

SPICT WIL Fearless Dave 2006

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