Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Books About Early New Zealand

Bacon, R.L.; ill. Para Matchitt Rua and the sea people (1983)

Beals, Graeme; ill. Kirsty McLean Polly and her New Zealand farming family: 1910 (2005)
[see also the non-fiction worksheet/picture collection Kate and her New Zealand farming family 1910, shelved at 306.852 JAM]

Beck, Jennifer; ill. Lindy Fisher Stefania’s dancing slippers (Polish immigration to New Zealand, WW2) 2007

Bishop, Graham The house that Jack built (1999)

Butler, Dorothy Come back Ginger (1987); By jingo! a tale of old New Zealand (1992); Davy’s ducks (2006); Seadog 2007

Campbell, Gordon; ill. Zak Waipara Horeta and the waka (2007)

Cartwright, Pauline; ill. Caroline Campbell A war far away (1990)

Crew, Gary; ill. Gillian Warden Cat on the island (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2008

Henkel, Virginia; ill. Bruce Luxford Letters from the past (NZ) 1989

Jenkins, Jenny; ill. Bruce Potter Battle at the Gate 2008

McMillan, Dawn; ill. Raymond McGrath Glasseye creek (West Coast goldrush—2008)

Meharry, Dot; ill. Spike Wademan The way it was (Ready to read—2004)

Morrison, Yvonne; ill. Fifi Colston Waka Wairua : the spirit waka (2005)

Newson, Natalie; ill. Natalie Newson and Marylyn Simpkins Tarawera’s Pink Terrace children (2003) *[Both deal with Tarawera eruption]

Noonan, Diana; ill. Lyn Kriegler Kangaroo Bill and the forest behind the bay : a story of old New Zealand (1994)

Rowe, Rosamund; ill. Linda McClelland Isabel’s upside-down day ( 2000) [Hawkes Bay earthquake, 1931]

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