Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clowns/Circus Picture Books

Argent, Kerry India the showstopper 2005

Blake, Quentin Clown (wordless picture book) 1996

Bogacki, Tomek Circus girl 2001

Clements, Andrew; ill. Sue Truesdell Circus family dog 2000

De Paola, Tomie Sing, Pierrot, sing : a picture book in mime 1983
Jingle the Christmas clown 1992

DiCamillo, Kate; ill. Harry Bliss Louise, the adventures of a chicken 2008

Duncan, Lois; ill. Meg Cundiff Song of the circus 2002

Edwards, Wallace The painted circus (Sophisticated Picture Book—optical illusion pictures) 2007

Falconer, Ian Olivia saves the circus 2001

Fazzi, Maura; ill. Peter Kuhner The circus of mystery (Sophisticated Picture Book) 1999

Fleischman, Paul; ill. Kevin Hawkes City circus 2004

Fletcher, Ralp; ill. Vladimir Vagin The circus surprise 2001

Hillert, Margaret; ill. Elaine Raphael Circus fun (early reader) 2006

Jones, V.M.; ill. Scott Echo and Hush (NZ A & P Show) 2008

Littlesugar, Amy; ill. Kimberley Bulcken Root Clown child 2006

Miller, David Carousel (collage illustrations) 1998

Montserrat, Pep Mrs Rubinstein’s beauty (Sophisticated) 2006

Nitram, Icats; ill. Pamela McCarville Willow May goes to the midnight carnival (Sophisticated in content) 2008

Prater, John The greatest show on earth 1995

Priceman, Marjorie Emeline at the circus 1999

Robertson, Patrisha Grainger Cirque du soleil : a parade of colors 2003

Seuss, Dr If I ran the circus (video also available)

Skinner, Murdena; ill. Jenni Blackmore Emma’s circus surprise 1997

Spiers, Peter Circus! 1992

Svendsen, Mark; ill. Ben Redlich Circus carnivore (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2005

Thompson, Colin; ill. Kim Gamble The last circus 1997
ill. Penelope Gamble The last clown 2001

Wildsmith, Brian The circus 1986

Some useful junior non fiction titles (outside main Circus area at 791.3) :


741. 2 BON At the circus (Simple Steps to Drawing) 2006
758.979 ROA Circus (Looking at Paintings) 1993


811.54 Circus Charles Sullivan (An Adventures in Art Book) 1992

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