Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dinosaur Picture Books

PICT AND Andreae, Giles; ill. David Wojtowicz Dinosaurs galore! 2004;
ill. Russell Ayto Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs 2005; Missing treasure 2007

PICT BRO Broach, Elise; ill. David Small When dinosaurs came with everything 2007

PICT CAR Carmine, Mary; ill. Martin Baynton Daniel’s dinosaurs 2004

PICT CAR Carrick, Carol; ill. Donald Carrick What happened to Patrick’s dinosaurs? 1986

PICT DIP DiPucchio, Kelly; ill. Ponder Goembel Dinosnores 2005

PICT DON Donaldson, Julia; ill. David Roberts Tyrannosaurus Drip 2007

SPICT EDW Edwards, Wallace My science project (The Extinct Files) 2006

PICT FLE Fleischman, Paul; ill. Claire Ewart Time train 1994/ 2008

PICT FOR Foreman, Michael The littlest dinosaur 2009

PICT GAR Garland, Michael Miss Smith reads again! 2006

PICT GER Geraghty, Paul Rotten and Rascal : the two terrible Pterosaur Twins 2006

SPICT GUR Gurney, James Dinotopia : a land apart from time 1992; Dinotopia : first flight 1999

PICT KIT Kitamura, Satoshi Stone Age boy 2007

PICT LUN Lund, Beb; ill. Howard Fine Dinosailors 2006

PICT MCC McCarty, Peter T is for terrible 2004

PICT MCK McKinlay, Penny; ill. Britta Teckentrup Bumposaurus 2003

PICT MIT Mitton, Tony; ill. Guy Parker-Rees Bumpus jumpus dinosaurumpus! 2002

PICT OMA O’Malley, Kevin; ill. Patrick O’Brien Captain Raptor and the moon mystery 2005; Captain Raptor and the space pirates 2007

PICT PAR Parpan, Justin Gwango’s lonesome trail 2007

PICT STI Stickland, Paul Ten terrible dinosaurs 2006

PICT WAH Wahl, Jan; ill Chris Sheban I met a dinsosaur 1997

PICT WHY Whybrow, Ian; ill. Adrian Reynolds Romp in the swamp 2006 (and other books by this author in the Harry and the dinosaurs series)

PICT WIL Willems, Mo Edwina, the dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct 2006

PICT YOL Yolen, Jane; ill. Mark Teague How do dinosaurs say goodnight (video also available) 2003; How do dinosaurs go to school? 2007; How do dinosaurs learn colours and numbers 2007 (and others in this series)

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