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Fiction Picture Books with a Maths Theme

PICT ALD Arlene Alda’s 123 what do you see? 1998

PICT AXE Axelrod, Amy; ill. Sharon McGinley-Nally Pigs on the ball : fun with math and sports 1998; Pigs at odds : fun with math and games 2000
( and other books in the Pigs will be Pigs series)

SPICT BAS Base, Graeme The waterhole (counting)2001; Uno’s garden 2006

PICT BLA Blake, Quentin Ten frogs : dix grenouilles 1997

PICT BOW Bowen, Anne; ill. Jaime Zollars The great math tattle battle 2006

PICT BRO Brown, Ruth Imagine (long and short, etc) 2006

PICT BRO Brown, Ruth Ten seeds 2001

PICT BUR Burns, Marilyn; ill. Gordon Silveria The greedy triangle 2008

PICT CAR Carthew, Mark; ill. Mini Goss Five little owls (counting; size) 2007

PICT CAT Catalanotto, Peter Daisy 1 2 3 2003

PICT CHI Child, Lauren Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent 2004

PICT CHR Christelow, Eileen Five little monkeys go shopping (counting; subtraction; addition) 2007

PICT DAL Dale, Penny Ten in the bed (originally published 1988) 2005

PICT DEN Denise, Anika; ill. Christopher Denise Pigs love potatoes 2007

PICT DOD Dodds, Dayle Ann; ill. Tracy Mitchell The great divide 1999

PICT EDW Edwards, Pamela Duncan Warthogs in the kitchen : a sloppy counting book 1998

PICT FEA Fearrington, Ann; ill. Giles Laroche Who sees the lighthouse? 2002

PICT FRE French, Vivian; ill. Jan Ormerod One ballerina two 2002

PICT FRO Fromental, Jean-Luc; ill. Joelle Jolivet 365 penguins 2006

PICT GAY Gayzagian, Doris; ill. Kristina Swarner One white wishing stone : a beach day counting book 2006

PICT GRE Greene, Rhonda Gowler; ill. James Kaczman When a line bends…a shape begins 1997

PICT GRO Grover, Max Amazing & incredible counting stories: a number of tall tales 1995

PICT HAG Hague, Kathleen; ill. Michael Hague Ten little bears : a counting rhyme 1999

PICT HUG Hughes, Shirley Alfie’s numbers 1999

PICT IMA Imai, Ayano The 108th sheep (counting) 2007

PICT JAH Jahri, Jah Jah 123s for kiwis (NZ- available in English and te reo versions) 200

PICT KEL Keller, Laurie Grandpa Gazillion’s number yard 2005

PICT KRE Krebs, Laurie; ill. Julia Cairns We all went on safari : a counting journey through Tanzania 2003

PICT KRO Kroll, Virginia; ill. Philomena O’Neill Equal shmequal : a math adventure 2005

PICT KUS Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk My Arctic 1,2,3 1997

PICT LEI Leibrich, Julie; ill. Ross Kinnaird The biggest number in the universe 2004

PICT LIE Liebler, John Frog counts to ten 1994

PICT LJU Ljungkvist, Laura Follow the line 2006; Follow the line through the house 2007
(both deal with basic geometry in that they demonstrate how a line becomes a shape)

PICT LYN Lynch, Kate; ill. Lamia Aziz The sun (counting) 2004

PICT LYO Lyon, George Ella; photographs by Ann W. Olson Counting on the woods 1998

PICT MCD MacDonald, Suse Look whooo’s counting 2000

PICT MCK McKee, David Four red apples 2006

PICT MCN McNamara, Margaret; ill. G. Brian Karas How many seeds in a pumpkin? (counting and size) 2007

PICT MAH Mahy, Margaret; ill. Patricia MacCarthy 17 kings and 42 elephants 1987

PICT MIC I spy numbers in art (devised and selected by Lucy Micklethwait) 1992

PICT MIR Miranda, Anne; ill. Polly Powell Monster math 1999

PICT MOR Morris, Sandra One lonely kakapo : a counting book (NZ) 1991

PICT MOR Morrison, Yvonne; ill. Jenny Cooper Down in the forest (counting) (NZ) 2004

PICT NIC Nickle, John Alphabet explosion! : search and count from alien to zebra 2006

PICT NOR Norrie, S.W.; ill. Ross Kinnaird One chocolate fish : a New Zealand counting book 2002

PICT OTA Otashi, Kathryn One ( counting) 2008

PICT PIL Pilegard, Virginia Walton; ill. Nicolas Debon The warlord’s beads 2001

PICT PUT Puttock, Simon; ill Ross Collins Don’t count your chickens 2005

PICT RAS Raschka, Chris Five for a little one 2006

PICT REI Reiser, Lynn Hardworking puppies 2006

PICT ROS Rose, Deborah Lee; ill. Steve Jenkins One nighttime sea 2003

PICT ROT Roth, Carol; ill. Pamela Paparone Ten dirty pigs : an upside-down, turn-around bathtime counting book 1999

PICT RUM Rumford, James Nine animals and the well 2003

PICT SAY Sayre, April Pulley and Sayre, Jeff; ill. Randy Cecil One is a snail, ten is a crab : a counting by feet book 2003

PICT SCH Schwartz, David M.; ill. Paul Meisel On beyond a million : an amazing math journey 1999

PICT SCI Scieszka, Jon; ill. Lane Smith Math curse 1995

PICT SEE Seeger, Laura Vaccaro One boy (counting) 2008

PICT SIN Singer, Marilyn; ill. Carll Cneut City lullaby (counting) 2007

PICT SIY Siy, Alexandra; ill. Jacqueline Rogers One tractor : a counting book 2008

PICT SMI Smith, Maggie Counting our way to Maine 1995

PICT SPU Spurling, Margaret; ill. Danny Snell Seadragon sea 2005

PICT STI Stickland, Paul Ten terrible dinosaurs 2006

PICT STU Sturges, Philemon; ill. Anna Vojtech Ten flashing fireflies 1995

PICT SWI Swinburne, Stephen R.; ill. (cut-paper) Melinda Levine Water for one, water for everyone : a counting book of African animals 1998

PICT THO Thong, Roseanne; ill. Grace Lin One is a drummer : a book of numbers 2004;
Round is a mooncake : a book of shapes 2000

PICT TIP Tipuna, Debbie Friends you can count on (NZ) 2005

PICT TRO Trott, Nancy Ten fabulous fairies 2007

PICT VIL Villanueva, Marie; ill. Ria Unson Nene and the horrible math monster 1993

PICT VUL Vulliamy, Clara Hop into bedtime (counting) 2006

PICT WAL Walton, Rick; ill. Paige Miglio One more bunny : adding from one to ten 2000

PICT WEL Wells, Rosemary Max counts his chickens 2007

PICT WIL Wild, Margaret; ill. Wayne Harris Bim bam boom! 1998

PICT WIL Wilson, Anna; ill. Alison Bartlett Over in the grasslands (counting) 2000

PICT WOO Wood, Audrey; ill. Bruce Wood Ten little fish 2004

PICT YOL Yolen, Jane; ill. Mark Teague How do dinosaurs learn colours and numbers? 2007

Series: Math Matters (some in PICT, some in FIC)

Non-fiction titles:

513 MUR Murphy, Stuart J.; ill. Renee Andriani Earth Day- hooray! 2004

513.26 CAL Calvert, Pam; ill. Wayne Geehan Multiplying menace : the revenge of Rumpelstiltskin ( a math adventure) 2006

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