Thursday, September 17, 2009

Magic, Fairies, Dreams etc

Andrews, Jane Zoe and the magic harp 2004
Zoe and the fairy medicine 2005
Zoe and the mermaids 2006
Zoe and the unicorn 2007

Base, Graeme Enigma : a magical mystery (Sophisticated picture book) 2008

Bateman, Teresa; ill. Kelly Murphy Fiona’s luck 2007

Baumgart, Klaus Laura’s Christmas star 2000

Beaty, Andrea; ill. Kevin Hawkes When giants come to play 2006

Bernasconi, Pablo The wizard the ugly and the book of shame 2004

Bernheimer, Kate; ill. Nicoletta Ceccoli The girl in the castle inside the museum 2008

Browne, Anthony Through the magic mirror (Sophisticated picture book—originally published 1976) 2000 edition

Clibbon, Meg; ill. Lucy Clibbon The fairyspotters’ guide 2003

Coats, Lucy; ill. Peter Malone King Ocean’s flute 2007

David, Ryan; ill. Sibylla Benatova The magic raincoat 2007

Duffy, Carol Ann; ill Nicoletta Ceccoli The tear thief 2007

Dunbar, Joyce; ill. Jimmy Liao The monster who ate darkness 2008

Edwards, Pamela Duncan; ill. Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick Dear Tooth Fairy 2003

Elliot, Rachel; ill. Leo Broadley The friendly witch 2005

Evans, Cambria Bone soup 2008

Flaherty, A.W.; ill. Scott Magoon The luck of the Loch Ness Monster : a tale of picky eating 2007

Goldberg, Myla; ill. Chris Sheban Catching the moon 2007

Guillain, Adam; ill. Elke Steiner Bella’s chocolate surprise : an adventure in fair trade 2007

Hamilton, Richard; ill. Helen Lanzrein The secret cave 2007

Hoy, Catriona; ill. Adele Jaunn The music tree 2006

Hurst, Elise The night garden 2007

Impey, Rose; ill. Katharine McEwen Titchy Witch and the wobbly fang 2003

Inkpen, Deborah Harriet and the little fat fairy 2002

Jackson, Shelley The old woman and the wave 1998

Katz, Alan; ill. Michael Slack The flim-flam fairies (teacher preview essential) 2008

Kitamura, Satoshi Stone Age boy 2007

LeBlanc Cate, Annette The magic rabbit (not supernatural) 2007

Lewis, C.S. (considerably abridged picture book adaptation from Prince Caspian); ill. Matthew S. Armstrong The return to Narnia : the rescue of Prince Caspian 2006

Lewis, C.S. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe (based on the original book by C.S. Lewis) re-told by Hiawyn Oram; ill. Tudor Humphries 2004

Lillegard, Dee; ill. Susan Guevara Tiger, tiger 2002

McPhail, David Water boy 2007

Mahy, Margaret; ill. Chantal Stewart The dragon of an ordinary family 2004 (story originally published 1969)

Matsuoka, Mei Footprints in the snow 2007

Mayne, William; ill. Sophy Williams Emily goes to market 2004

Melling, David The three wishes 2007

Moriuchi, Mique; ill. Simon Puttock Butterfly girl 2007

Olson, Mary W. ; ill. Katherine Tillotson Nice try, Tooth Fairy 2000

Oram, Hiawyn; ill. Sarah Warburton My unwilling witch (The Rumblewick letters) 2006

Prior, Natalie Jane; ill. Cheryl Orsini Minnie Pearl and the undersea bazaar 2007

Proysen, Alf; ill. Hilda Offen Mrs Pepperpot learns to swim 2006
Mrs Pepperpot minds the baby 2006
Mrs Pepperpot at the bazaar 2006; Mrs Pepperpot’s treasure 2006

Riddell, Chris The emperor of Absurdia 2006

Riddle, Tohby Irving the magician 2005

Robinson, Sue; ill. Helen Leach Edward’s magic paintbox 2002

Rosenberg, Liz; ill. Stephen Gammell Monster Mama 1993

Shannon, David Alice the fairy 2004

Taylor, Sean; ill. Nick Sharratt When a monster is born 2007

Thomas, Valerie; ill. Paul Korky Winnie’s midnight dragon 2006; Winnie the witch 6-in-1 collection (Winnie the witch; Winnie flies again; Winnie in winter; Winnie’s magic wand; Winnie’s new computer; Winnie at the seaside) 2006; Happy birthday, Winnie! 2007

Trott, Nancy Ten fabulous fairies 2007

Van Allsburg, Chris The sweetest fig (Sophisticated in content) 1993

Vrombaut, An Dear Dragon 2005; Dragon festival 2008

Ward, Helen; ill. Wayne Anderson Moon dog 2006

Ward, Nick The nicest naughtiest fairy 2006

Whatley, Bruce Clinton Gregory’s secret (dreams) 2008

Willis, Jeanne; ill. Penny Dann The talent show (Secret Fairy series) 2006; ill. Gwen Millward The bog baby 2008

Wormell, Chris George, the dragon and the princess 2007

Yorinks, Arthur; ill. Jos. A.Smith The witch’s child (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2007

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