Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Books About China

Ashley, Bernard; ill. Derek Brazell Cleversticks (Chinese in Britain) 1991

Baillie, Alan Boss 1992

Brett, Jan Daisy comes home 2002

Bridges, Shirin Yim; ill. Sophie Blackall Ruby’s wish 2002

Chapman, Gaye Little Blue (willow pattern china) 2008

Cheng, Andrea; ill Ange Zhang Grandfather counts (Chinese American) 2000

Chinn, Karen; ill. Cornelius Van Wright and Ying- Hwa Hu Sam and the lucky money 1995

Compestine, Ying Chang The story of noodles; The story of chopsticks; The story of kites; The story of paper

Coste, Marion; ill. Yong Chen Finding Joy 2006

Cummings, Mary; ill. Lin Wang Three names of me 2006

Davol, Marguerite W.; ill. Robert Sabuda Paper dragon 1997

Demi Greatest power 2004; The girl who drew a phoenix 2008

Donaldson, Julia; ill. Joel Stewart The magic paintbrush 2003

Flack, Marjorie; ill. Kurt Wiese The story about Ping (1935) 2000 (video also available)

Hall, Bruce Edward; ill. William Low Henry and the kite dragon (Chinese American) 2004

Hathorn, Libby; ill. Stanley Wong River 2001

Holcroft, Anthony; ill. Fifi Colston The oldest garden in China 1985

Hong, Lily Toy Empress and the silkworm 1995

Lawson, Julie; ill. Paul Morin Dragon’s pearl 1993

Lee, Huy Voun At the beach (includes Chinese characters) 1994

Li, Cunxin; ill. Anne Spudvilas The peasant prince (the true story of Mao’s last dancer) 2007

Lin. Grace Kite flying 2002

Lo, Ginnie; ill. Beth Lo Mahjong all day long (includes Chinese
characters) 2005

Look, Lenore; ill. Yumi Heo Henry’s first-moon birthday (Chinese American) 2001

Louis, Catherine Liu and the bird : a journey in Chinese calligraphy 2006

McCully, Emily Arnold Beautiful warrior : the legend of the Nun’s kung fu 1998 (Sophisticated Picture Book)

Nash, Deborah Made in China 2004

Pilegard, Virginia Walton; ill. Nicholas Walton The warlord’s beads; The warlord’s puzzle; The warlord’s alarm; The warlord’s fish; The warlord’s puppeteers; The warlord’s kites; The warlord’s messengers

Sellier, Marie; ill. Catherine Louis; Chinese characters by Wang Fei The legend of the Chinese dragon 2007

Tong, Roseanne; ill. Yangsook Choi Gai See: what you can see in Chinatown (Chinese American) 2007

Trottier, Maxine; ill. Al Van Mil The tiny kite of Eddie Wing 1996

Wang, Xiaohong; ill. Grace Lin One year in Beijing 2006 (in process)

Williams, Jay; ill. Mercer Mayer Everyone knows what a dragon looks like 1976

Yep, Laurence; ill. Jean and Mou-Sien Tseng City of dragons 1995

Yi, Hu Yong Good morning China 2007

Young, Ed My mei mei (China- adoption) 2006

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