Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friendship/ Self esteem Picture Books

Alemagna, Beatrice My friend 2005

Alsenas, Linas Hello my name is Bob 2009

Amato, Mary; ill. Delphone Durand The chicken of the family 2008

Anderson, Derek Blue Burt and Wiggles 2006

Andreae, Giles Giraffes can’t dance (audio cassette—read by Hugh Laurie) 2002
(picture book also available)

Armanno, Venero; ill. Anna Pignataro The very super adventures of Nic and Naomi 2002

Baguley, Elizabeth; ill. Gregoire Mabire Meggie Moon 2005

Barber, Tom; ill. Rosalind Beardshaw A tale of two goats 2005

Baum, Louis; ill. Sue Hellard Milo Mouse and the scary monster 2006

Beaty, Andrea; ill. Kevin Hawkes When giants come to play 2006

Beaumont, Karen; ill. Joy Allen Being friends 2002; I like myself 2004

Bedford, David & Williamson, Melanie Hound dog 2005

Blagey, Aaron Sunday Chutney 2008

Bloom, Suzanne A splendid friend, indeed 2005

Bottner, Barbara; ill. Nancy Hayashi Raymond and Nelda 2007

Broad, Michael Broken bird : a tale of true love 2006

Brown, Alan; ill. Rimantas Rolia Hoot and Holler 2001

Browne, Anthony Little Beauty 2008; Willy the wimp (1984) 2009

Bunting, Eve; ill. Dominic Catalano Mouse Island 2008

Burke, Tina Fly, little bird 2006; Ruby makes a friend (imaginary friend) 2009

Butler, Dorothy; ill. Elizabeth Fuller My brown bear Barney at the party 2001

Butler, M. Christina; ill. Tina Macnaughton One winter’s day 2006

Burningham, John Edwardo the horriblest boy in the whole wide world 2006

Butterworth, Nick The whisperer 2004; Tiger in the snow 2006

Carle, Eric The bad-tempered ladybird (1982) 2006

Carnavas, Peter Jessica’s box 2008

Catchpool, Michael; ill. Jill Newton Howling at the moon 2006

Cave, Kathryn; ill. Nick Maland Friends 2004

Chambers, Sally Wilbie and Harry 2005

Chapman, Pam; ill. Angela Connell Shrek the sheep (NZ--based on a true story) 2005

Chichester Clark, Emma Melrose and Croc 2005; Happy birthday to you, Blue Kangaroo! 2006

Choldenko, Gennifer; ill. S.D. Schindler Louder, Lili 2007

Cousins, Lucy Hooray for fish 2005

Cowan, Catherine; ill. Mark Buehner My life with the wave 1997

Crimi, Carolyn; ill. Lynn Munsinger Don’t need friends 1995; ill. Regan Dunnick The Louds move in 2006

Curtis, Jamie Lee; ill. Laura Cornell I’m gonna like me : letting off a little self-esteem 2002

Cutbill, Andy; ill. Russell Ayto The cow that laid an egg 2007

Dahimene, Adelheid; ill. Heide Stollinger Making friends 2008

Danneberg, Julie; ill. Margot Apple Cowboy Slim 2006

DeGroat, Diane No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks! 2006

Dolan, Penny; ill. Nick Sharratt Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli 2005

Donofrio, Beverly; ill. Barbara McClintock Mary and the mouse : the mouse and Mary 2007

Doyle, Malachy; ill. Joel Stewart When a Zeeder met a Xyder 2006

Dray, Matt Dougal the garbage dump bear 2005

Drewery, Melanie; ill. Fifi Colston Itiiti’s gift (NZ) 2006

Ellis, Joseph; ill. Christyan Fox One clever creature 2005

Emmett, Nathan; ill. Nathan Reed What friends do best 2004

Erlbruch, Wolf The fearsome five 2009

Fanelli, Sara My map book 2006

Fierstein, Harvey; ill. Henry Cole The sissy duckling 2002

Floyd, Madeleine Cold paws, warm heart 2005

Foreman, Michael The littlest dinosaur 2009

Frame, Jeron Ashford; ill. R. Gregory Christie Yesterday I had the blues (Sophisticated/Senior Picture Book) 2003

Frazee, Marla A couple of boys have the best week ever 2008

Freedman, Claire; ill. Leonie Shearing Squabble and Squawk 2006

Fuge, Charles I know a rhino 2003; Swim, little wombat, swim! 2005

Gleeson, Libby; ill. Freya Blackwood Amy & Louis 2006

Gorbachev, Valeri Heron & Turtle 2006

Gordon, David Smitten : a lint-free love story 2008

Goss, Mini Rhino Neil 2005

Grant, Joan; ill. Neil Curtis Cat and fish go to see 2005

Grey, Mini Traction Man meets Turbo Dog 2008

Grindley, Sally; ill. Penny Dann What are friends for? 1998

Gusti Half of an elephant 2006

Harris, Peter Ordinary Audrey 2001

Harvey, Damian; ill. Korky Paul Snail’s legs 2006

Hest, Amy; ill. Jon J.Muth Mr George Baker 2004

Higlett, Alex Egg and bird 2006

Hobbie, Holly Fanny 2008

Hoffman, Mary; ill. Cornelius van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu Princess Grace 2007

Horacek, Petr A new house for mouse 2006; Elephant (imaginary friend) 2009
Howe, James; ill. Marie-Louise Gay Houndsley and Catina (early chapter book) 2006; Houndsley and Catina and the quiet time 2008

Hughes, Shirley Alfie and the big boys 2007

Hughes, Susan; ill. Stephanie Poulin Earth to Audrey 2005

Hume, Lachie Clancy the courageous cow 2006

Imai, Ayano The 108th sheep 2008

Jahn-Clough, Lisa Alicia’s best friends 2003
Little dog 2006

Kilborne, Sarah S.; paintings by Steve Johnson with Lou Fancher Peach & Blue 1994

Klise, Kate; ill. M. Sarah Klise Imagine Harry (imaginary friends) 2007

Kopelke, Lisa Tissue, please! 2004

Kressley, Carson; ill. Jared Lee You’re different and that’s super 2005

Kroll, Steven; ill. Vincent Nguyen Jungle bullies 2006

Krosoczka, Jarrett J. My buddy, slug 2006

Krupinski, Loretta Best friends (Native American historical incident) 1998

Lacombe, Benjamin Cherry and Olive 2007

Laguna, Sofie; ill. Kerry Argent Too loud Lily 2002

Larson, Kirby and Nethery, Mary; ill Jean Cassels The two Bobbies : a true story of Hurricane Katrina, friendship, and survival 2008

Lawrenson, Diana; ill. Dee Huxley Paraphernalia’s present 2008

Layton, Neal Layton Oscar and Arabella 2002

LeBlanc Cate, Annette The magic rabbit 2007

Lee, Lyn; ill. David Cornish Emily and the dragon 2005

Lewis, Kim Hooray for Harry 2006

Littlesugar, Amy Willy and Max : a Holocaust story (Sophisticated/Senior Picture Book) 2005

Lockyer, John; ill. Bob Darroch Kiwi kicks for goal; Kiwi and the new player (NZ) 2006

Lodge, Annette Bird 2004

Lucas, David Halibut Jackson 2002

McKee, David Elmer and Wilbur (includes Read-along CD) 2007

McKimmie, Chris Maisie Moo and invisible Lucy (imaginary friend) 2007

McNamara, Margaret; ill. G. Brian Karas How many seeds in a pumpkin? 2007

MacRae, Tom; ill. Elena Odriozola The opposite 2006

Madison, Alan; ill. Kevin Hawkes Velma Gratch & the way cool butterfly 2007

Meharry, Dot; ill. Bruce Potter The talking stick (NZ) 2006

Melbourne, Hirini; ill. Te Maari Gradiner Manu’s magic voice (NZ) 1995

Michelson, Richard; ill. E.B.Lewis Across the alley 2006

Milgrim, David My friend lucky 2002

Millard, Kerry Quincy and Oscar 2006 (cf Harry and the dinosaurs….)

Miller, David Big and me (supporting friend/family member with mental illness) 2008

Mills, Claudia; ill. R. W. Alley Ziggy’s blue-ribbon day 2005

Moore, Julianne; ill. LeUyen Pham Freckleface Strawberry 2007

Moriuchi, Mique; ill. Simon Puttock Butterfly girl 2007

Morrison, Vicki; ill. Nora Hilb So shy 2004

Murray, Andrew; ill. Nicola Slater It’s show-time, Elvis! 2006

Muth, Jon J. Zen ties 2008

Niland, Kilmeny Two tough teddies 2007

Oller, Erika The cabbage soup solution 2004
[Van] Ommen, Sylvia Sweets 2004

Oram, Hiawyn; ill. Vanessa Cabban When wishing comes true 2006

Orams, LeAnne; ill. Lamia Aziz Can I play? (NZ) 2007

Osment, Michelle; ill. Sunset Perky and the possum trap (NZ) 2006

Parpan, Justin Gwango’s lonesome trail 2007

Perret, Delphine The big bad wolf and me 2006

Prats, Joan de Deu; ill. Francesc Rovira Sebastian’s roller skates 2005

Radunsky, V. I love you Dude (Sophisticated/Senior Picture Book) 2005

Rayner, Catherine Augustus and his smile 2006

Relf, Adam Fox makes friends 2005

Reynolds, Peter H. My very big little world (a Sugarleaf book) 2006

Riddle, Tohby Irving the magician 2005; Nobody owns the moon 2008

Rodman, Mary Ann; ill. E.B. Lewis My best friend 2005

Rodriguez, Beatrice The chicken thief 2009

Roddie, Shen; ill. Sally Anne Lambert Too close friends 1998

Rollings, Susan Best friends, special friends 2002

Rosen, Michael; ill. Chinlun Lee Totally wonderful Miss Plumberry 2006;
ill. Jonathan Langley Shoo! : a crafty cat with a cunning plan (with read-along CD) 2007

Sakai, Komako Emily’s balloon 2006

Scamell, Ragnhild; ill. Michael Terry Ouch! 2006

Schotter, Roni; ill. Giselle Potter The boy who loved words 2006

Schwartz, Amy; ill. Leonard S. Marcus Oscar : the big adventure of a little sock monkey 2006

Schwartz, Corey Rosen & Klein, Tali; ill. Olivier Dunrea Hop! Plop! 2006

Sharmat, Marjorie I’m not Oscar’s friend anymore (video) 1983

Shenfield, Ann Scribble sunset (Sophisticated picture book featuring abstract art) 2008
Simmons, Jane Together 2006

Smallman, Steve; ill. Joelle Dreidemy The lamb who came for dinner 2006

Teckentrup, Britta Big smelly bear 2007; Grumpy cat 2008

Thompson, Lauren ; ill. Derek Anderson Little Quack’s new friend 2006

Titus, Eve; ill. Paul Galdone Anatole (50th anniversary edition) 2006

Urbanovic, Jackie Duck soup 2008

Valckx, Catharina Lizette’s green sock 2002

Velthuijs, Max Frog finds a friend 2001; Frog in winter 2005 edition

Vere, Ed Mr Big 2008

Vision, David & Mutiya; ill. Ignacio Alcantara If only I could! 2004

Vision, David & Mutiya; ill. Ignacio Alcantara What makes me beautiful? 2004

Waber, Bernard Evie & Margie 2003

Waddell, Martin; ill. Barbara Firth Hi, Harry! 2003

Walton, Rick; ill. Lisa McCue The remarkable friendship of Mr Cat and Mr Rat 2006

Ward, Nick The biggest baddest wolf 2005

Warren, Tanya; ill. Dave Gunson Will and Woof 2006

Watts, Melanie Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend 2007

Weigelt, Udo; ill. Nina Spranger Super Guinea Pig saves the world (2008)

Weston, Carrie; ill. Francesca Chessa When Brian was a lion 2006

Whybrow, Ian; ill. Adrian Reynolds Harry and the dinosaurs go to school 2006

Wild, Margaret; ill. Janine Dawson Bobbie Dazzler 2006

Willems, Mo Knuffle bunny too : a case of mistaken identity 2007; I am invited to a party 2008

Wilson, Gina; ill. P.J. Lynch Ignis 2003

Winch, Gordon; ill. Alan Robinson Do you know Millie? 2008

Wormell, Chris Henry and the fox 2006; George, the dragon and the princess 2007

Would, Nick; ill. Christina Balit The scarab’s secret 2006

Wright, Cliff Three bears 2008

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