Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food/Cooking Picture Books

®= includes recipe

Ahlberg, Allan; ill. Bruce Ingram The runaway dinner 2006

Alalou, Elizabeth and Ali; ill. Julie Klear Essakalli The butter man 2008

Asch, Frank Monsieur Saguette and his baguette 2004

Atherton, Bruce; ill. Ben Redlich The pumpkin eater from Pondicherry 2008

Ayres, Katherine; ill. Nadine Bernard Westcott Up, down and around (vegetable gardening) 2007

Bergman, Mara; ill. Nick Maland Yum, yum! 2009

Bottin, Janet Slater; ill. Claire de Zoete Miss Primrose and the stolen salami (NZ) 2006

Burke, Tina Sophie bakes a cake 2008

Buxton, Jane; ill. Philip Webb The little penguin who wouldn’t eat his dinner (NZ) 2006

Castaldo, Nancy; ill. Melisande Potter Pizza for the queen 2005

Cazet, Denys The perfect pumpkin pie 2005

Church, Caroline Jayne Little Apple Goat 2007

Clark, Sherryl; ill. Tom Jellett The littlest pirate 2008

Cooper, Helen Delicious : a pumpkin soup story 2006 ®

Davey, Lucy; ill. Lorenzo van der Lingen Mr Mayor’s pavlova palaver 2008 ®

Delaney, Mary; ill. Kathy Couri Mabel O’Leary put peas in her ear-y 2006

Denise, Anika; ill. Christopher Denise Pigs love potatoes 2007

Donnio, Sylviane; ill. Dorothee de Monfreid I’d really like to eat a child 2007

Donohue, Dorothy Veggie soup (collage illustrations) 2000 ®

Drewery, Melanie; ill. Christopher White Dad’s takeaways (NZ) 2007

Duncan, Tracy Mere McKaskill’s boil-up (NZ) 2007 ®

Dyer, Sarah Mrs Muffley’s monster 2008 ®
Elliott, George; ill. Andrej Krystoforski The boy who loved bananas 2005

Flaherty, A.W.; ill. Scott Magoon The luck of the Loch Ness Monster : a tale of picky eating 2007

Foley, Sher; ill. Brian Lovelock The cat with no name (NZ) 2009

Garland, Sarah Eddie’s kitchen and how to make good things to eat 2007 ®
Gravett, Emily Orange pear apple bear 2006

Guillain, Adam; ill. Elke Steiner Bella’s chocolate surprise : an adventure in fair trade 2007

Hardy, Kate Alfi Beasti, don’t eat that! 2004

Hill, Tobias; ill. Michael Foreman The lion who ate everything 2008

Janisch, Heinz; ill. Carola Holland Heave ho! 2005

Johnson, Paul Brett; lyrics by Tom Glazer On top of spaghetti 2006 ®

Kelley, True School lunch 2005

Langston, Laura; ill. Lindsey Gardiner Mile-high apple pie 2004 ®

Leake, Kate The best chip 2006

Lesynski, Loris; ill. Michael Martchenko Boy soup 2008

McKinlay, Helen; ill. Craig Smith Grandma joins the All Blacks (NZ) 2007

McMillan, Dawn; ill. Dave Gunson Pancake attack (NZ) 2006 ®

Manushkin, Fran; ill. Holly Berry How Mama brought the spring 2008 ®

Moetana, Kate; ill. Bruce Potter Papa’s donuts (NZ) 2006 ®

Neild, Dorothy; ill. Philip Webb Piggity-wiggity jiggity jig goes to Dad’s café 2009

Nordqvist, Sven Pancakes for Findus 2007

Ogburn, Jacqueline K.; ill. Marjorie Priceman The bake shop ghost 2005

Oller, Erika The cabbage soup solution 2004

Park, Linda Sue; ill. Ho Baek Lee Bee-bim bop! 2005 ®

Parker, John; ill. Trevor Allan Poppa McPhee gets the eggs (NZ) 2006
Pichon, Liz Bored Bill 2005

Pittman, Helena Clare; ill. Victoria Raymond Still-life stew 1998 ®

Quarmby, Katharine; ill. Piet Grobler Fussy Freya 2008

Rattigan, Jama Kim; ill. Linda Hsu-Flanders Dumpling soup 1993 ®

Readman, Jo; ill. Ley Honor Roberts The world came to my place today 2002

Rey, Margaret and H.A. Curious George goes to a chocolate factory 2006

Rosoff, Meg; ill. Sophie Blackall Wild boars cook 2008 ®

Scamell, Ragnhild; ill. Michael Terry Ouch! 2006

Schories, Pat Jack wants a snack 2008

Segal, John Carrot soup 2006 ®

Sierra, Judy; ill. Edward Koren Thelonius Monster’s sky-high fly pie 2006

Sutton, Jane; ill. Jim Harris The trouble with cauliflower 2006

Suzuki, David and Ellis, Sarah Salmon forest 2003 ®

Titus, Eve; ill. Paul Galdone Anatole (50th anniversary edition) 2006

Urbanovic, Jackie Duck soup 2008

Willis, Jeanne; ill. Tony Ross Mammoth pie 2008

Wood, Nancy; ill. Timothy Basil Ering Mr and Mrs God in the Creation kitchen 2006

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