Thursday, September 17, 2009

Festival/ Celebration Picture Books

Auch, Mary Jane The Easter egg farm 1992

Bateson-Hill, Margaret; ill. Karin Littlewood Leah’s Christmas story 2006

Baumgart, Klaus Laura’s Christmas star 2000

Bailey, Linda; ill. Bill Slavin Stanley’s party 2003

Bollinger, Peter Algernon Graeves is scary enough (Hallowe’en) 2005

Brown, Ben; ill. Tracy Duncan The apple (birthday) 2008

Bunting, Eve; ill. Emily Arnold McCully That’s what leprechauns do (St Patrick’s Day?) 2005; ill. Iza Trapani The wedding 2003

Butler, Dorothy; ill. Elizabeth Fuller My brown bear Barney at the party (birthday) 2001

Cazet, Denys The perfect pumpkin pie (Thanksgiving) 2005

Chichester Clark, Emma Melrose and Croc (Christmas) 2005; Happy birthday to you, Blue Kangaroo! 2006; Minty and Tink (birthday) 2008

Child, Lauren This is actually my party (birthday) 2007

Clark, Katie; ill. Amy Huntington Grandma drove the garbage truck ( Fourth of July) 2005

Cronin, Doreen; ill. Betsy Lewin Thump, quack, moo : a whacky adventure 2008

Daly, Niki Happy birthday Jamela! 2006

Dewan, Ted Crispin and the best birthday surprise ever 2006

Dodd, Lynley Slinky Malinki’s Christmas crackers 2006
Drewery, Melanie Matariki 2003

Duncan, Tracy; ill. Bruce Potter Grandad’s medals (NZ—Anzac Day) 2004

Durant, Alan; ill. Franco Rivolli The flamingo who forgot (birthday) 2007

Ellwand, David Alfred’s party : a collection of picture puzzles (Birthday) 2000

Evans, Cambria Martha Moth makes socks (Birthday) 2006

Farrer, Maria; ill. Deborah Hinde Santa’s kiwi holiday 2005

Fleischman, Paul; ill. Barry Root The birthday tree (Sophisticated in content) 2008

Foreman, Michael Cat in the manger (Christmas) 2001

Friedman, Laurie; ill. Lynne Avril Cravath Love, Ruby Valentine (Valentine’s Day) 2006

Garland, Sarah Eddie’s kitchen and how to make good things to eat (birthday) 2007

Gilmore, Rachel; ill. Alice Priestley Lights for Gita (Divali) 1994

Goldman, Judy; ill. Rene King Moreno Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead 2008

Graham, Bob Oscar’s half birthday 2005

Greenberg, Melanie Hope Mermaids on parade (Coney Island Mermaid Parade) 2008

Hague, Michael The nutcracker (Christmas) 2005

Hannken, Catherine; ill. Trish Bowles Fiapule 2006

Hawkins, Colin and Jacqui Witch pigs (Birthday) 2005

Hedderwick, Mairi Katie Morag and the birthdays 2005

Hendry, Diana; ill. Jane Chapman The very snowy Christmas 2005
Henkes, Kevin Lilly’s big day (Wedding) 2006

Hoy, Catriona; ill. Benjamin Johnson My Grandad marches on Anzac Day 2006

Joosse, Barbara M.; ill. Giselle Potter Ghost wings (Day of the Dead, Mexico) 2001

Klise, Kate; ill. M. Sarah Klise Why do you cry? (Birthday) 2006

Kloster, Melanie; ill. Jenny Cooper The reluctant little flower girl 2008

Koppe, Susanne (re-told by); ill. Lisbeth Zwerger Nutcracker (E.T.A.Hoffmann)
(Christmas) 2004

Krebs, Laurie; ill. Aurelia Fronty Up and down the Andes : a Peruvian festival tale (Inti Raymi: the festival of the sun) 2008

Leeson, Christine; ill. Jane Chapman The snow angel (Christmas) 2006

Long, Don; ill. Tracy Duncan Glow-worm night (Matariki) 2004

Look, Lenore; ill. Yumi Heo Henry’s first-moon birthday 2001

Morpurgo, Michael; ill. Michael Foreman The best Christmas present in the world (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2004

Morrison, Yvonne; ill. Deborah Hinde A Kiwi night before Christmas (includes audio CD) 2005

Nordqvist, Sven Pancakes for Findus (birthday) 2007

Pilkey, Dav The dumb bunnies’ Easter 2008 (1995)

Schur, Maxine Rose; ill. Brian Pinkney Day of delight : a Jewish Sabbath in Ethiopia 1994

Scott, Anna-Miringa; ill. Errol McLeary Chimney-less at Christmas (NZ—includes CD) 2004

Stanton, Karen; ill. Rene King Moreno Papi’s gift (birthday) 2007

Thomas, Valerie; ill. Korky Paul Happy birthday, Winnie! 2007

Torres, Leyla The kite festival 2004

Van Allsburg, Chris Probuditi! (birthday—Sophisticated Picture Book) 2007

Vander Zee, Ruth and Sneider, Marian; ill. Bill Farnsworth Eli remembers (Rosh Hashanah) 2007 (Sophisticated/Senior)

Vrombaut, An Dear Dragon 2005; Dragon festival 2008

Waddell, Martin; ill. Jason Cockroft Room for a little one (Christmas) 2004

Watts, Irene N.; ill. Kathryn E. Shoemaker A telling time (Purim) 2004

Wells, Rosemary Max counts his chickens (Easter) 2007

Whybrow, Ian; ill. Adrian Reynolds Harry and the dinosaurs have a happy birthday 2008

Willis, Jeanne; ill. Tony Ross Mayfly day (Celebration of a mayfly’s one day of life, told in haiku) 2006

Winter, Jeanette Nino’s mask (Mexican fiesta) 2003


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