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Re-cycling/Conservation Picture Books (updated)

PICT AAR Aaron, Moses; ill. David Mackintosh The duck catcher 2003

PICT ALB Albert, Richard E.; ill. Sylvia Long Alejandro’s gift 1994

PICT ALE Alexander, Goldie; ill. Michele Gaudion Lame duck protest 2009

PICT ASC Asch, Frank The earth and I 1994

PICT ATK Atkins, Jeannine; ill. Venantius J. Pinto Aani and the tree huggers 1995

PICT BAK Baker, Jeannie Home (neighbourhood reclamation--2004)
(Almost all this author’s collage-illustrated books deal with conservation/ecology)

PICT BAL Balderson, Margaret; ill. Janine Dawson Junkyard dogs 2003

SPICT BAS Base, Graeme The waterhole 2001; Uno’s garden 2006

FIC BEN Bennetts, Marlene J.; ill. Trish Bowles Skalaska’s new home (Christchurch estuary—godwits) 2004

FIC BEN Bennetts, Marlene J.; ill. Trish McCaw Rahui Rangers 2008
(Kaikoura conservation area)

PICT BES Best, Cari; ill. Christine Davenier Sally Jean, the bicycle queen 2006

PICT BRA Bradshaw, Gillian; ill. David Cox Shock Monday (benefits of walking to school-1999)

PICT BRE Brett, Jan The umbrella (rainforest animals) 2004

PICT BRI Brian, Janeen; ill. Greg Holfeld The super parp-buster (air pollution) 2005

PICT BUR Burningham, John Oi! Get off our train 1989

PICT BUX Buxton, Jane; ill. Philip Webb The little penguin who wouldn’t eat his dinner (NZ-2006)

PICT CHE Cheng, Christopher; ill. Steven Woolman One child 2000

PICT CHE Cherry, Lynne The sea, the storm and the mangrove tangle 2004
PICT CHI Child, Lauren Look after your planet 2008
PICT CLA Clark, Katie; ill. Amy Huntingdon Grandma drove the garbage truck 2006
PICT COL Cole, Henry On Meadowview Street 2007
PICT COO Coote, Maree The seacret of Driftus and Sprout 2005 (sea dragons)
PICT COV Coville, Bruce; ill. John Clapp The prince of butterflies 2002
PICT CRE Crew, Gary; ill. Craig Smith Arno the garbo (2001)
SPICT CRE Crew Gary; ill. Mark Wilson I saw nothing (2003);
I said nothing (2003); I did nothing (2004) (extinct/ endangered species)
SPICT CRE Crew, Gary; ill. Gillian Warden Cat on the island (2008) (destruction of an entire bird species by cat—Stephens Island, NZ)
PICT DAR Darroch, Bob The last tree on the island (NZ-2006)
PICT DAR Darroch, Bob The tree (NZ-2004)
PICT DAV Davey, Mike; ill. Bruce Potter The dawn (NZ-2007)
PICT DAV Davies, Nicola; ill. Michael Foreman White owl, barn owl 2007
PICT DED Dedieu, Thierry Hunting for fur : the adventures of Panda and Koala (1998)
PICT DEV Devlin, Erin; ill. Annie Jeannes As kuku slept (NZ-2006)
PICT DEV Devlin, Erin; ill. Greg O’Donnell Oh, no Mister Possum! 2008
PICT DIC Dickinson, Trevor; ill. Emma Carlow Kitty Princess and the newspaper dress (2004)
PICT DUD Duder, Tessa; ill. Mark Wilson Carpet of dreams (2006)
PICT DUN Duncan, Tracy; ill. Jonathan Huntley The man who loved the sea (marine reserves, NZ--2004)
PICT DYE Dyer, Sarah Five little fiends (2001)
PICT ELB Elbling, Peter; ill. Sophy Williams Aria (rainforest-1994)
PICT END Endt Topzandt, Monique Lucky pateke (NZ-2006)
PICT FAR Farrelly, Peter; ill. Jamie Rama Abigale the happy whale (ocean pollution- 2006)
PICT FOS Foster, Ali; ill. Viv Walker Elwyn’s dream : saving the takahe (2008)
PICT FRO Fromental, Jean-Luc; ill. Joelle Jolivet 365 penguins (global warming; melting of the ice caps-2006)
PICT GAL Galbraith, Ben The three fishing brothers Gruff (overfishing--2006)
PICT GAR Garland, Sherry Summer sands (erosion, sand dune ecology--1995)
PICT GEO George, Jean Craighead; ill. Wendell Minor Luck : the story of a sandbill crane 2006
PICT GIL Gilderdale, Betty & Alan The little yellow digger saves the whale (NZ) 2001
PICT GOO Goodall, Jane; ill. Alan Marks Rickie and Henri : a true story 2004
PICT GRA Graves, Sue; ill. Richard Watson Jenny and the jumble sale 2005
PICT HIL Hill, Anthony; ill. Jane Tanner Lucy’s cat and the rainbow birds 2007
PICT HUT Hutchison, Jennifer; ill. Anne Hutchison Greg! The naughty takahe 2006
PICT JAH Jahri Jah Jah Kung fu kiwi 2008
PICT JAM James, Simon Dear Greenpeace 2005 edition
PICT JEN Jennings, Paul; ill. Jane Tanner The fisherman and the theefyspray 1994
PICT INC Inches, Alison; ill. Pete Whitehead The adventures of a plastic bottle : a story about recycling 2008
PICT JEN Jensen, Jo Pipit ; ill Adrienne Williams Pipit 1999
PICT KAN Kane, Glenda; ill. Lisa Allen Mangrove (NZ) 2007
PICT KOH Kohara, Kazuno Ghosts in the house 2008

PICT LAM Lam, Amy Panki in the land of the kiwi 2005

PICT LET Le Tord, Bijou Elephant moon 1993

PICT LEW Lewis, Carolyn; ill. Janet Hodgetts When the Jones kids came to town : a weedbusters adventure(NZ) 2006

SPICT LIA Liao, Jimmy The blue stone : a journey through life 2008

PICT LOC Lockyer, John; ill. Dave Gunson My kiwi (NZ) 2005

PICT LOO Van Loon, Joan; ill. John Van Loon Mang the wild orang-utan 2007

PICT LUC Lucas, David Whale 2006

PICT LUM Lumry, Amanda and Hurwitz, Laura; ill. Sarah McIntyre Amazon River rescue 2004; Dolphins in danger 2009 (Adventures of Riley)

PICT MCP McPhail, David Water boy 2007

SPICT MAR Marsden, John; ill. Shaun Tan The rabbits 1998/2008

PICT MAR Martin, Bill Jr. and Michael Sampson; photographs by Dan Lipow
I love our earth 2006

PICT MIL Miles, Victoria; ill. Molly Bang Old Mother Bear 2007

PICT MIL Miller, David Refugees (collage pictures) 2003

PICT MOR Morris, Jackie The snow leopard 2007

PICT MOR Morrison, Yvonne; ill. Jenny Cooper Down in the forest (NZ) 2004

PICT MUR Murphy, Stuart J.; ill. Renee Andriani Earth Day—hooray! 2004
(non-fiction title shelved at 513 MUR)

PICT OLI Oliver, Narelle Home (habitat destruction) 2006

PICT ORA Oram, Hiawyn; ill. Vanessa Cabban When wishing comes true 2006

PICT OSM Osment, Michelle; ill. Sunset Perky and his chicks 2008

PICT PAR Parry, Taffy Tommy Tui’s journey 2007

PICT PEE Peet, Bill Farewell to Shady Glade (1966)

PICT PFI Pfister, Marcus Milo and the magical stones (2000 edition)

PICT POP Popov, Nikolai Why? 1996

PICT POP Poppenhager, Nicole; ill. Ivan Gantschev Snow leopards (endangered species) 2006

PICT POR Portis, Antoinette Not a box 2007

PICT POW Pow, Tom; ill. Robert Ingpen Who is the world for? 2000

PICT PRI Prior, Natalie Jane; ill. Cheryl Orsini Minnie Pearl and the undersea bazaar 2007

PICT REA Readman, Jo; ill. Honor Roberts George saves the world by lunchtime 2006

PICT REE Reece, James H. Lester and Clyde (1997)

PICT RID Riddell, Chris Wendel’s workshop (2007)

PICT SCH Schimmel, Schim Children of the earth…remember (1997)

PICT SEU Seuss, Dr The lorax (video also available)

PICT SIB Sibley, Irena Greta the garbo (2002)

PICT SIE Sierra, Judy; ill. Derek Anderson Ballyhoo Bay (2009)

PICT SIL Silverstein, Shel The giving tree (1964)

PICT SPI Spillman, David; ill. Mark Wilson Yellow-eye (2002)

PICT STA Stanley, Elizabeth Tyger! Tyger! (2007)

PICT SUZ Suzuki, David and Ellis, Sarah; ill. Sheena Lott Salmon forest (2003)

PICT TAB Taback, Simms Joseph had a little overcoat (1999- video also available)

SPICT TAU Tauss, Marc Superhero (2005)
Maleek and his robot Marvyn travel to the past to find trees and plants to restore the city that tall buildings have taken over. Contains black and white photo illustrations featuring the New York skyline

PICT THI Thiele, Colin; ill. Mavis Stucci Miss Bilby (danger to native wildlife of imported animals—2007)

PICT TOR Torckler, Gillian; ill. Bruce Potter The stuck there forever boat (global warming; climate change) 2008

PICT VAN Van de Weert, Renee Hapimarika; ill. Anton Petrov The last whale (2001) Also available in Te Reo Maori

PICT VOA Voake, Charlotte Tweedle dee dee (2008)

PICT WAL Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Recycle everyday! (2003)

PICT WAR Ward, Helen Old shell, new shell : a coral reef tale (2002)

SPICT WAR Ward, Helen; ill. Marc Craste Varmints (Senior level--2008)

PICT WHI Whillis Sharon; ill. Bob Darroch To the dump (NZ) 2001

PICT WIL Willis, Jeanne; ill. Tony Ross Shhh! (noise pollution) 2004

PICT WIL Wilson, Mark The last tree 2007

Junior level non-fiction series Environmental Footprints is shelved at
304.28 MAS

Non-fiction material in picture book format:
333.72 MAA Winter, Jeanette Wangari’s trees of peace : a true story from Africa 2008

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