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English Language (Picture Books about…)

(includes bilingual material)

Ahlberg, Allan; ill. Bruce Ingman Previously (storytelling) 2007

Allen, Pamela My first ABC (new edition) 2006

Anderson, Tony B. Amazing alphabetical adventures 2007

Andreae, Giles; ill. Guy Parker-Rees K is for kissing a cool kangaroo (puzzle pictures) 2002

Anno, Mitsumasa Anno’s alphabet : an adventure in imagination 1974

Arena, Felice Sally and Dave : a slug story (alliteration) 2007

Atwood, Margaret; ill. Dusan Petricic Bashful Bob and doleful Dorinda
(alliteration) 2004

Auch, Mary Jane; ill. Herm Auch Beauty and the beaks : a turkey’s cautionary tale 2007

Ayres, Katherine; ill. Nadine Bernard Westcott Up, down and around (use of prepositions) 2007

Barron, Rex Fed up!: a feast of frazzled foods 2000

Barroux Mr Katapat’s incredible adventures (reading) 2004

Bateson- Hill, Margaret Shota and the star quilt (bilingual English- Lakota Indian) 2001 (398.2097 BAT)

Batt, Tanya; ill. Trevor Pye The terrible Q 2001

Bedard, Michael; paintings by Laura Fernandez and Rick Jacobsen Glass town : the secret world of the Bronte children (Sophisticated Picture Book) 1997;
ill. Barbara Cooney Emily (the poet Emily Dickinson) 1992

Browne, Anthony Little Beauty (non-specific sign language) 2008

Carle, Eric and Iwamura, Kazuo Where are you going? To see my friend (bi-lingual Japanese-English) 2001

Cartwright, Pauline; ill. Pat Reynolds How dictionaries came to be 1992

Casey, Dawn; ill. Diana Mayo The children of Lir : a Celtic legend (bilingual English-Irish) 2003 (398.209 415 CAS)

Chesworth, Michael Alphaboat 2002

Clavel, Bernard; ill. Yan Nascimbene Castle of books 2002

Cleary, Beverly; ill. Ted Rand The hullabaloo ABC 1998

Cleary, Brian P.; ill. Betsy E. Snyder Peanut butter and jellyfishes : a very silly alphabet book 2007

Darroch, Bob An A-Z of tongue twisters : from alien apeman to Zinnie at the zoo (alliteration) 2007

Dodd, Lynley The minister’s cat ABC 1992; The dudgeon is coming (Chinese whispers) 2008

Donaldson, Julia; ill. Axel Scheffler Tiddler : the story-telling fish 2007

Donohue, Moira Rose; ill. JoAnn Adinolfi Alfie the apostrophe 2006

Doran, Ella (photography); design & illustration by Silence A is for artist : an alphabet 2004

Dowding, Lesley; ill. Margaret Scott Midnight at the lighthouse (storytelling ideas) NZ- 2007

Duffy, Carol Ann; ill. Jane Ray The lost happy endings 2006

Edwards, Pamela Duncan; ill. Henry Cole Some smug slug (alliteration) 1996

Edwards, Wallace Alphabeasts (Alphabet—Sophisticated Picture Book) 2002; Monkey business (clichés—Sophisticated Picture Book) 2004

Ernst, Lisa Campbell The turn-around, upside-down alphabet book 2004

Fajerman, Deborah Baa for beginners (language generally) 2005

Finchler, Judy; ill. Kevin O’Malley Miss Malarkey leaves no reader behind 2006

Fisher, Valorie Ellsworth’s extraordinary electric ears : and other amazing alphabet anecdotes 2002

Fitzpatrick, Mike and Esther; ill. Bruce Madden Jack (different learning styles) 2008

Fox, Mem; ill. David Miller Boo to a goose (idiom) 1998

French, Jackie; ill. Bruce Whatley The Shaggy Gully Times : the punniest newspaper you’ll ever read 2007

Gaiman, Neil; ill. Gris Grimly The dangerous alphabet 2008

Garland, Michael Miss Smith reads again 2006

Grobler, Piet Little Bird’s ABC 2005

Harcourt, Miranda Miranda’s alphabet : learning letters with pictures 2006

Hepworth, Cathi Bug off! : a swarm of insect words (Sophisticated Picture Book) 1998

Hest, Amy; ill. John J. Muth Mr George Baker (adult illiteracy) 2004

Inkpen, Mick Kipper’s A to Z : an alphabet adventure 2001

Jahri Jah Jah ABC’s for Kiwis 2005

Jeffers, Oliver The incredible book eating boy 2006

Jirankova-Limbrick, Martina The artful alphabet 2003

Jules, Jacqueline; ill. Amy Huntington No English 2007

Katz, Alan; ill. David Catrow Don’t say that word! 2007

Kemp, Jane and Walters, Clare; ill. Caroline Uff 99 mostly fun things I’ll do today (use of verbs..v. junior) 2007

Kirk, Daniel Library Mouse : a friend’s tale (reading and writing) 2009

Knapman, Timothy; ill. Adam Stower Mungo and the spiders from space 2007

Knudsen, Michelle; ill. Kevin Hawkes Library Lion 2006
Kresner, Irene M. Alphabet wings 2005

Kuchling, Guundie Tommy’s pet (Chinese whispers) 2007

LaRochelle, David; ill. Richard Egielski The end (a story told backwards) 2006

Lendler, Ian; ill. Whitney Martin An undone fairy tale 2005

Lobel, Anita Away from home (a Round the World ABC) 1994

Luchsinger, Dena Fox; ill. Karen A. Jerome Sometimes smart is good/ A veces es bueno ser listo (bilingual English/Spanish) 2007

McGee, Marni; ill. Ian Beck Winston the book wolf 2006

McKinnon, Ferg; ill. Kim Gamble A bee in Ben’s bonnet (clichés) 2002

MacLennan, Cathy Chicky chicky chook chook (onomatopoeia) 2007

MacRae, Tom; ill. Elena Odriozola The opposite 2006

Mahy, Margaret; ill. Polly Dunbar Bubble trouble (tongue- twisters) 2008

Marshall, Janet K is for kiwi : a New Zealand ABC 2005

Mayer, Bill; concept by Chris Demarest All aboard! : a travelling alphabet 2008

Metcalf, Paula Norma Snows (puns) 2008

Mockford, Caroline Cleo’s alphabet book 2003

Morris, Carla; ill. Brad Sneed The boy who was raised by librarians 2007

Most, Bernard ABC T-rex 2000

Moore, Yvette; ill. Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet A prairie alphabet 1992

Muntean, Michaela; ill. Pascal Lemaitre Do not open this book! 2006

Muth, Jon J. Zen ties (haiku) 2008

Nickle, John Alphabet explosion : search and count from alien to zebra 2006

Numeroff, Laura; ill. Felicia Bond If you give a cat a cupcake (consequences; storytelling starter) 2008

O’Connor, Kerrie; ill Craig Smith Little Jingle says no! (alphabet; alliteration) 2006

O’Keefe, Susan Heyboer; ill. Lynn Munsinger Hungry monsters ABC : an alphabet book 2007

Oxenbury, Helen Helen Oxenbury’s ABC of things 1971

Parr, Todd Reading makes you feel good 2005

Parsons, Garry Krong! 2005

Pinto, Sara Apples and oranges : going bananas with pairs (imagination; lateral thinking) 2008

Piven, Hanoch My dog is as smelly as dirty socks : and other funny family portraits (similes) 2007

Plourde, Lynn; ill. Thor Wickstrom Book fair day 2006

Rand, Ann & Paul Sparkle and spin : a book about words 2006 edition (originally published 1957)

Raschka, Chris Like likes like (homynyms) 1999

Reibstein, Mark; ill. Ed Young Wabi Sabi (haiku poetry; Japanese characters) 2008

Ringgold, Faith Cassie’s word quilt 2002

Robertson, M.P. Big brave Brian (alliteration) 2007

Robinson, Marc; ill. Steve Jenkins Cock-a-doodle-doo! What does it sound like to you? (learning sounds in other languages) 1993

Rutherford, Erica An island alphabet (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
Ryan, Anne Unforeseen circumstances (metaphors) 2005

Schotter, Roni; ill. Giselle Potter The boy who loved words 2006

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro One boy 2008

Shannon, George; ill. Donald Crews Tomorrow’s alphabet 1996

Sloat, Teri From letter to letter 1989

Sobel, June; ill. Henry Cole Shiver me letters : a pirate ABC 2006

Sutton, Sally; ill. Scott Pearson A is for All Black (NZ) 2006

Swinburne, Stephen R.; ill. (cut-paper) Melinda Levine Water for one, water for everyone : a counting book of African animals (includes list of numbers and animal names in Swahili) 1998

Tobias, Tobi; ill. Peter Malone A world of words : an ABC of quotations 1998; ill. Peter H. Reynolds Serendipity 2000

Toft, Kim Michelle A sea of words : an ABC of the deep blue sea 2006

Twiname, Roger The New Zealand A to Z all ages : amazing alphabetical alliterations 2002

Walton, Rick; ill. Jim Bradshaw Around the house the fox chased the mouse : a prepositional tale 2006

Wells, Rosemary Yoko writes her name (includes Japanese characters) 2008

Whatley, Bruce; ill. Rosie Smith Alpha quest : the most amazing, bizarre and captivating search ever (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2007

PICT WHY Why did the chicken cross the road? (various artists depict the answer to this question) 2006

Willans, Tom Wait! I want to tell you a story 2004

Willens, Mo Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus 2003; The pigeon finds a hot dog 2004; Don’t let the pigeon stay up late 2006 (persuasive writing)

Wood, Audrey; ill. Bruce Wood Alphabet rescue 2006

Zemach, Kaethe The character in the book 1998

Non-fiction titles in picture book format:
428.1 MOS Raining cats and dogs : a collection of irresistible idioms and illustrations to tickle the funny bones of young people 2008

428.1 SNO Super silly sayings that are over your head : a children’s illustrated book of idioms 2004
(and other junior level texts in this Dewey area)

811.54 WIL Wilbur, Richard; ill. David Diaz The disappearing alphabet 1998

811.54 MCC The sailor’s alphabet (ill. Michael McCurdy)

811.6 YOU Young, Judy; ill. Victor Juhasz R is for rhyme : a poetry alphabet 2007

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