Thursday, September 17, 2009

A selection of picture books about Australia’s aboriginal people

Bittangabee tribe : an Aboriginal story from coastal New South Wales (PICT BIT)
Bell, Helen. Idjhil (Sophisticated Picture Book—SPICT BEL)
Dunstan, Kylie Collecting colour (PICT DUN) 2008
Egan, Ted; ill. Robert Ingpen. The drover’s boy (Sophisticated Picture Book—SPICT EGA)
Emmmerton, Sylvia; ill. Jaquanna Elliott My mob going to the beach (PICT EMM) 2004
Germein, Katrina. Big rain coming (PICT GER)
Germain, Katrina. Leaving (PICT GER)
Hashmi, Kerri. You and me, Murrawee (PICT HAS)
Koorang, Mundara. The little platypus and the fire spirit (PICT KOO) 2006
Lester, Alison. Ernie dances to the didgeridoo (PICT LES)
Little, Lorna; ill. Janice Lyndon The mark of the wagarl (PICT LIT) 2004
Mattingley, Christobel. Tucker’s mob (PICT MAT)
Morecroft, Judith; ill. Bronwyn Bancroft Malu Kangaroo : how the first children learnt to surf (PICT MOR) 2007
Norrington, Leonie; ill. Dee Huxley You and me : our place (PICT NOR) 2007
Randall, Bob. Tracker Tjugingji (includes audio CD) (PICT RAN) 2003
Sarago-Kendrick, Delphine. Nanna’s land (PICT SAR)
Spillman, Bob. Yellow-eye (Sophisticated Picture Book—SPICT SPI)
Williams, Edna Tantjingu and Wingfield, Eileen Wani. Down the hole up the tree, across the sandhills….(Sophisticated Picture Book SPICT WIL)

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Lesson plans and the Accelerated Literacy teaching notes (NALP) for 'Big Rain Coming' as well as a mutli-stage unit for 'Leaving' with a relationships and traditions focus can be found at