Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oral Language texts

Nursery rhymes and fairytales:

I feel that traditional rhymes and stories are always a good place to start with oral language development—after all, they are part of an oral tradition that goes back thousands of years. These are just a few titles that might be particularly useful.

398.245 MAR The three little pigs (James Marshall—or any other traditional version of this story)
398.2452 TRI Trivizas, Eugene The three little wolves and the big bad pig (good story starter, as the original story is turned around in this version. Most well-known fairytales can be used in this way).

398.8 ADA Love to sing nursery rhymes (Linda Adamson--with singalong audio tape)

398.8 MIT Riddledy piggledy : a book of rhymes and riddles (Tony Mitton—riddles based on well-known nursery rhymes. The rhymes themselves are also included)

398.8 ONE One, two buckle my shoe (compiled by Anne Faundez--carers’ and teachers’ notes at the back. These rhymes have been selected for their interactive nature, as part of the ‘Start Talking’ series for juniors designed to promote oral language)

398.8 OUT Out came the sun : a day in nursery rhymes (Heather Collins)

398.8 STO The house that Jack built (William Stobbs—a good story-telling starter, as the basic pattern of this rhyme can be adapted into all kinds of different situations).

398.8 TAB Video of the above rhyme

Some junior level wordless picture books:

Armstrong, Jennifer; ill. David Small Once upon a banana 2006
Aruego, Jose; ill. Ariane Dewey The last laugh 2006
Burke, Tina Fly little bird 2006
Day, Alexandra Follow Carl 1998
Dematons, Charlotte The yellow balloon 2004
DePaola, Tomie The hunter and the animals 1981
Goodale, Rebecca Island dog 1999
Liu, Jae Soo Yellow umbrella (with accompanying audio CD) 2002
McCully, Emily Arnold Four hungry kittens 2001
Sasaki, Isaac Snow 1980
Sis, Peter Ocean world 1992
Some Good Read-aloud/Interactive Picture Books:

Alborough, Jez Duck in the truck 2002 (and other adventures of Duck)
Allen, Jonathan The little rabbit who liked to say moo 2008
Allen, Pamela Fancy that! 2002 reprint
Anderson, Joan; ill. Nikki Slade Robinson The pine-cone track (NZ) (a sing-along story with basic piano/guitar accompaniment)
Anderson, Peggy Perry Chuck’s truck 2006
Armstrong, Grey; ill. Nicki Wise Little duck checks it out 2004
Atwood, Margaret Up in the tree (1978) 2008
Bailey, Linda; ill. Bill Slavin Stanley’s party 2003
Bergman, Mara; ill. Nick Maland Snip snap! 2005
Blake, Quentin All join in 2007 edition
Carthew, Mark; ill. Mini Goss Five little owls 2007
Donaldson, Julia; ill. Alex Scheffler Tiddler : the story-telling fish 2007
Dunbar, Polly Penguin (includes DVD of story) 2007
Gravett, Emily Monkey and me 2007
Lewis, Rob Cold Jac 2002
Mahy, Margaret Down the back of the chair 2006
Millard, Glenda; ill. Dee Huxley Unplugged! 2000 (can be used very effectively by covering up the text, and asking the children to describe what is happening in the pictures—interesting results!)
Mitton, Tony; ill. Guy Parker-Rees Playful little penguins 2007
Neild, Diana; ill. Philip Webb Piggity-wiggity jiggity jig 2008
Pulford, Elizabeth; ill. Jenny Cooper Shut the gate (NZ) 2006
Ramos, Mario I am so handsome 2007; I am so strong 2007
Smee, Nicola Clip-clop 2006
Sutton, Eve; ill. Lynley Dodd My cat likes to hide in boxes 1984 (re-issued 2003)

Some picture books about language:

Allen, Pamela My first ABC (new edition) 2006
Ayres, Katherine; ill. Nadine Bernard Westcott Up, down and around (use of prepositions) 2007
Brown, Ruth Imagine! (2007) (opposites)
Fajerman, Deborah Baa for beginners (language generally) 2005
Kuchling, Guundie Tommy’s pet (Chinese whispers) 2007
Parr, Todd Reading makes you feel good 2005
Sutton, Sally; ill. Scott Pearson A is for All Black (NZ) 2006
Turner, Gwenda New Zealand ABC (and other concept books with a New Zealand theme)
Willans, Tom Wait! I want to tell you a story 2004

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