Thursday, September 17, 2009

Suggested Picture Book titles for new school library

These are all new picture books and should (hopefully) be available for purchase without too much difficulty. I have made a note about some of the curriculum areas these books could be used to support. An asterisk * indicates books that have proved particularly popular with boys)

*Arnold, Todd Hi, fly guy! ; Super fly guy ; Shoo, fly guy! 2006; There was an old lady who swallowed fly guy 2007; Fly high, Fly Guy! 2008(Cartwheel Early Readers) (Language : early reading)

*Belton, Robyn Herbert the brave sea dog (NZ) 2008
(Values: courage; family love)

Bland, Nick The very cranky bear 2008 (Values: kindness; good sense)

Carnavas, Peter Jessica’s box 2008 (Health-change: starting school)

Chichester Clark, Emma Minty and Tink 2008 (Health-change: new baby in family)

Child, Lauren Look after your planet 2008 (Science: conservation, re-cycling)

David, Ryan; ill. Sibylla Benatova The magic raincoat 2007 (Arts- wearable art)

Dodd, Lynley The dudgeon is coming 2008 (Language-communication: Chinese whispers)

Donaldson, Julia; ill. David Roberts Tyrannosaurus Drip 2007 (Science: dinosaurs)

*Gall, Chris There’s nothing to do on Mars 2008 (Science: space adventure)

George, Jean Craighead Goose and Duck (early reader) 2008
(Language: early reading; Science: life cycles, migration, nurturing)

Graham, Bob How to heal a broken wing 2008 (Science: Values)

*Henderson, John and Donaldson, Julia; ill. Thomas Docherty Fly, pigeon, fly! 2006 (Science : bird behaviour; Values: family love)

Hobbie, Holly Fanny 2008 (Values: family love, common sense)

Jahri Jah Jah 123’s for Kiwis 2006
(available in te reo,with English translation alongside the Maori,from

*Jones, V.M.; ill. Scott Echo and Hush (NZ A & P Show) 2008
(Social sciences: festivals, farming life)

Lindgren, Barbro; ill. Eva Erilsson Max’s bath 2008 (Language: early reading)

*Lockyer, John; ill. Bob Darroch Kiwi goes to rugby camp 2007
(learning not to be bossy; sharing)
Kiwi has a big secret 2007
(relying on skill rather than luck; self confidence)
Kiwi gets in a mess 2008
Kiwi shows off 2008
(balance between self esteem and conceit)

Lofthouse, Liz; ill Robert Ingpen Ziba came on a boat (2007)
(Social sciences: refugees; Health-change: loss)

McDonnell, Patrick South (wordless picture book) 2008
(Values: kindness, self sacrifice)

Mahy, Margaret; ill. Polly Dunbar Bubble trouble (Language: tongue- twisters,rhythm and rhyme) 2008

Mahy, Margaret The magical world of Margaret Mahy (Keeping house; The three-legged cat; The witch in the cherry tree; The boy with two shadows; The great white man-eating shark) Picture book DVD-2008—some of these stories are now out of print.

*Mewburn, Kyle; ill. Ali Teo & John O’Reilly Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! (Winner of NZ Post Children’s Picture Book Award, and Children’s Choice Award) 2006
(Values: family love)

Morecroft, Judith; ill. Bronwyn Banroft Malu Kangaroo : how the first children learnt to surf (2007)
(Social sciences: traditional tales; Health: sport)

Onishi, Satoru Who’s hiding? 2008
(junior level puzzle book)

Palmer, Rebekah; ill. Megan McKenzie Little blue penguins (NZ) 2008
(Science: penguin lifecycles; Maths: counting)

Pilegard, Virginia Walton; ill. Nicolas Debon The warlord’s alarm (water clock) 2006

Pittar, Gill –the series of ‘Milly Molly’ books, each of which focuses on a different value (

*Readman, Jo; ill. Honor Roberts George saves the world by lunchtime 2006
(Science: conservation, re-cycling)

Reibstein, Mark; ill. Ed Young Wabi Sabi (haiku poetry; collage art) 2008
(Arts; Social Sciences: philosophy)

Rohmann, Eric A kitten tale 2008
(Science: life cycles, seasons; Health: fears)

Rosen, Michael; ill. Nick Sharratt Dear Mother Goose 2008
(Social sciences: fractured fairy tales)

Scotton, Rob Splat the cat 2008
(Health-change: starting school)

*Selfe, Kirsten; ill. Greg O’Donnell Oscar Dunwoody’s week (NZ- read along with CD) 2006
(Social sciences: diaries, letters)

Siy, Alexandra; ill. Jacqueline Rogers One tractor : a counting book 2008 (Technology; Maths)

*Sutton, Sally; ill. Scott Pearson A is for All Black (NZ) 2006
(Language: alphabet; Social sciences: Kiwiana)

Sutton, Sally; ill. Brian Lovelock Roadworks 2008

Whitmore, Denise Pepetuna (NZ) 2008
(Science: life cycles; Arts: collage)

Williams, Karen Lynn and Mohammed, Khadra; ill. Doug Chayka Four feet, two sandals 2007
(Social sciences: refugees; Health: friendship)

Zemach, Kaethe Ms.McCaw learns to draw (learning disability) 2008
(Health: special needs, self esteem, different styles of learning; Arts)

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