Thursday, September 17, 2009

Insect and Spider Picture Books

Arena, Felice Sally and Dave : a slug story 2007

Arnold, Todd Hi, fly guy! ; Super fly guy ; Shoo, fly guy! 2006; There was an old lady who swallowed fly guy 2007; Fly high, Fly Guy! 2008(Cartwheel Early Readers)

Babe, Bernice Leilani and the cicada (NZ) 2003

Barner, Bob Bug safari 2004

Barwin, Gary; ill. Kitty Macaulay The racing worm brothers 1998

Boon, Kevin; ill. Trish Bowles Lorna and the ladybird (NZ) 2002

Carle, Eric The bad-tempered ladybird (1982) 2006; The very lonely firefly 1995; The very busy spider (1984) 2006

Carter, Carolyn; ill. Robert Farrier Four rowdy crickets 2005

Coville, Bruce; ill. John Clapp The prince of butterflies 2002

Cronin, Doreen; ill. Harry Bliss Diary of a worm (video also available) 2003; Diary of a spider 2005; Diary of a fly 2007

Edwards, Pamela Duncan; ill. Henry Cole Some smug slug 1996 (re-issued)

Ehlert, Lois Waiting for wings 2001

Evans, Cambria Martha Moth makes socks 2006

Falwell, Cathryn Butterflies for Kiri 2003

Farooqi, Musharraf Ali; ill. Eugene Yelchin The cobbler’s holiday (or why ants don’t wear shoes) 2008

Fleming, Denise Beetle bop 2007

Freeman, Don Manuelo the playing mantis (2004 edition)

Goldman, Judy; ill. Rene King Moreno Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead (butterflies) 2008

Gray, Nigel; ill. Craig Smith Fly 1994

Gustavo (Gusti) The fly : how a perfect day turned into a nightmare 2006 (teacher preview suggested!)

Hepworth, Cathi Antics : an alphabetical anthology 1992; Bug off! : a swarm of insect words 1998

Inkpen, Mick Billy’s beetle (Read-along edition, with CD read by Timothy Spall) 2007

Joosse, Barbara M.; ill. Giselle Potter Ghost wings (monarch butterflies) 2001

Joyce, William The leaf men and the brave good bugs 1996

Laden, Nina Roberto the insect architect (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2000

Layton, Neal Bartholomew and the bug 2004

Long, Don; ill. Tracy Duncan Glow-worm night (NZ) 2004

McDonald, Megan; ill. Paul Brett Johnson Insects are my life 1995

McMillan, Dawn; ill. Ross Kinnaird Where do flies go in winter? 2005

Madison, Alan; ill. Kevin Hawkes Velma Gratch & the way cool butterfly 2007

Monks, Lydia Aaarrgghh, spider! 2004

Newgarden, Mark; ill. Megan Montague Cash Bow-wow bugs a bug 2007

Noyes, Deborah; ill. Sophie Blackall Red butterfly : how a princess smuggled the secret of silk out of China 2007

O’Connor, Kerrie; ill. Craig Smith Little Jingle says no! 2006

O’Malley, Kevin Leo Cockroach toy tester 1999

Pedersen, Janet Houdini the amazing caterpillar 2008

Pin, Isabel The seed (anti-war themes) 2001

Prince, Joshua; ill. Macky Pamintuan I saw an ant in a parking lot 2006

SerWacki Doorknob the rabbit and the carnival of bugs 2005

Shields, Carol Diggory The bugliest bug 2002

Smallman, Steve; ill. Jack Tickle The very greedy bee 2007

Spinelli, Eileen; ill. Jane Dyer Sophie’s masterpiece 2001

Tyson, Leigh Ann; ill.Henrik Drescher An interview with Harry the tarantula 2003

Walsh, Ellen Stoll Dot and Jabber and the big bug mystery 2003

Whitmore, Denise Pepetuna (NZ) 2008

Willis, Jeanne; ill. Tony Ross Mayfly day 2006

Would, Nick; ill. Christina Balit The scarab’s secret 2006

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