Thursday, September 17, 2009

Letters/ Diaries/ Post Picture Books

FIC WIL Williams, Marcia My secret war diary : my history of the Second World War by Flossie Albright (Fiction title) 2008

Ahlberg, Janet & Allan The jolly postman :or other people’s letters 1999 (orig. pub. 1986)

Anholt, Laurence; ill Jim Coplestone Seven for a secret 2006

Bedford, David & Williamson, Melanie Hound dog 2005

Bland, Nick A monster wrote me a letter 2005

Bottner, Barbara; ill. Nancy Hayashi Raymond and Nelda 2007

Boutevant, Marc Around the world with Mouk (postcards) 2008

Brunhoff, Jean de Babar and Father Christmas (2008)

Carter, Don Send it! 2003

Christelow, Eileen Letters from a desperate dog 2006

Cronin, Doreen; ill. Harry Bliss Diary of a worm (video also available) 2003
Diary of a spider 2005; Diary of a fly 2007

Cummings, Mary; ill. Lin Wang Three names of me 2006

Danneberg, Julie; ill. Judy Love First year letters 2003

Dockray, Tracy My bunny diary: by Dora Cottontail 2002

Drewery, Melanie; ill. Fifi Colston Papa’s island (NZ) 2006

Edwards, Pamela Duncan; ill. Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick Dear Tooth Fairy 2003

Everitt, Henare ; ill. Samuel Sakaria Dear Moko (NZ—also available in te reo Maori) 2001

George, Jean Craighead; ill. Lucia Washburn Look to the north : a wolf pup diary

Gliori, Debi Penguin post 2002

Gravett, Emily Meerkat mail 2006

Harvey, Roland In the city : our scrapbook of souvenirs 2007

Hammill, Matt Sir Reginald’s logbook 2008

Henkel, Virginia; ill. Bruce Luxford Letters from the past (NZ) 1989

Huggins-Cooper, Lynn; ill. Ian Benfold Haywood One boy’s war (Sophisticated/Senior) 2009

Impey, Rose; ill. Sue Porter A letter to Father Christmas 2001

Inches, Alison; ill. Pete Whitehead The adventures of a plastic bottle 2008

James, Simon Dear Greenpeace 2005 edition

Kelly, John; ill. Cathy Tincknell Guess who’s coming for dinner? (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2004

Logan, Claudia; ill. Melissa Sweet The 5,000-year-old puzzle : solving a mystery of ancient Egypt (2002)

Mathers, Petra Kisses from Rosa 1995

Morpurgo, Michael; ill Michael Foreman The best Christmas present in the world (Sophisticated Picture Book) 2004

Nolen, Jerdine; ill. David Catrow Plantzilla 2002

Olson, Mary W. Nice try, Tooth Fairy 2000

Oram, Hiawyn; ill. Sarah Warburton My unwilling witch (The Rumblewick letters) 2006

Pettenati, Jeanne K.; ill. Paolo Rui Galileo’s journal 1609-1610 2006

Platt, Brian Letter from Lisa 2005

Pullar, Noeline; ill. Lesley Faulks, with the children of Tarras School Further adventures of Shrek, New Zealand’s celebrity sheep 2007

Ripley, Marion; ill. Colin Backhouse Private and confidential 2003

Rosen, Michael; ill. Nick Sharratt Dear Mother Goose (a Lift the Flap book) 2008

Schindel, John; ill. Dorothy Donohue Dear Daddy 1995

Selfe, Kirsten; ill. Greg O’Donnell Oscar Dunwoody’s week (NZ- Read Along with CD) 2006

Spurr, Elizabeth; ill. David Catrow The long, long letter 1996

Stanton, Karen; ill. Rene King Moreno Papi’s gift 2007

Stewart, Sarah; ill. David Small The journey 2001
The gardener 2004 (videos available for both)

Strom, Kellie Sadie the air mail pilot 2007

Suen, Anastasia; ill. Wade Zahares Delivery 1999

Thomas, Casey; ill. Ann Lamb A letter for Leah 2004

Teague, Mark Dear Mrs LaRue: letters from obedience school 2002; Detective LaRue : letters from the investigation 2004; LaRue for Mayor : letters from the campaign trail 2008

Vrombaut, An Dear Dragon 2005

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth , with Linda K. Friedlaender Look! Look! Look! 2006

Watts, Bernadette Harvey Hare : postman extraordinaire 1997

Wells, Rosemary Bunny mail 2004

Wilson, Mark My mother’s eyes : the story of a boy soldier (Sophisticated/Senior) 2009

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