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Health Picture Books

PICT ADA Adamson, Jean and Gareth Topsy and Tim have itchy heads 1996

PICT AIK Aiken, Joan; ill. Bee Willey The wooden dragon (sadness, depression) 2004

PICT AIR Airey, Miriam; ill. Sharon Dye No hat brigade (sunsmart) 2002

PICT ALL Allan, Trevor Doctor Wattlebee next and the case of Bernie Wimple’s pimple (NZ) 2008

PICT BAL Ball, Murray Willie wants to wee-wee! (toilet training) 2004

PICT BAR Barron, Rex Fed up! : a feast of frazzled foods (healthy eating—mostly) 2000

PICT BLA Blake, Robert Togo (diphtheria, historic) 2002

PICT BOT Bottin, Janet Slater; ill. Graeme Kyle The queue that grew (NZ) (road safety) 2007

PICT BUX Buxton, Jane; ill. Philip Webb The little penguin who wouldn’t eat his dinner (NZ) (healthy eating) 2006

SPICT CAL Cali, Davide; ill. Serge Bloch I can’t wait (Sophisticated/Senior- growth, human life cycle) 2005

PICT CAR Carlson, Nancy Get up and go! 2006

PICT CHI Child, Lauren I’m really ever so not well 2007

PICT COH Cohen, Bernard; ill. Geoff Kelly Paul needs specs 2004

PICT COL Cole, Babette That’s why! (teenage depression) 2005; A dose of Dr Dog (natural/alternative medicines) 2007

PICT COL Collins, Ross Germs 2004

PICT DAV Davey, Lucy; ill. Christine Ross Fifi la Belle : time for a bath 2007

PICT DOY Doyle, Roddy; ill. Freya Blackwood Her mother’s face (growth; sadness) 2008

PICT DRE Drewery, Melanie; ill. Sabrina Malcolm Koro’s medicine 2004

PICT DUN Dunbar, Joyce; ill. Debi Gliori Tell me what it’s like to be big (growth) 2001

PICT DUN Duncan, Tracy Kei te pehea koe? (How do you feel?) 2008

PICT DUQ Operation ghost 1999

PICT ENG England, Kathryn; ill. Richard McFarland Grandfather’s wrinkles (aging) 2007

PICT ERI Ering, Timothy Basil Necks out for adventure (self confidence) 2007

PICT FLA Flaherty, A.W. ; ill. Scott Magoon The luck of the Loch Ness monster : a tale of picky eating 2007

PICT FLE Fleming, Virginia; ill. Floyd Cooper Be good to Eddie Lee (Down syndrome) 1998

PICT FOR Ford, Vince; ill. Kelven Kirk Whakawhiti I te huarahi : crossing the road (road safety—bilingual) 2003

PICT FOX Fox, Lee; ill Cathy Wilcox Ella Kazoo will not brush her hair (hygiene) 2006

SPICT FRA Frame, Jeron Ashford; ill. R. Gregory Christie Yesterday I had the blues (sadness, depression) 2003

PICT GAR Garland, Sarah Eddie’s vegetables; Eddie’s kitchen and how to make good things to eat (healthy eating) 2007

PICT GAR Garratt, M. P. The boy who dared (NZ) (rare skin disorder) 1999

PICT GRA Graham, Bob How to heal a broken wing (recovery from injury) 2008

PICT GRA Gray, Kes; ill. Mary McQuillan Who’s poorly too? The ‘get well soon’ book 2000

PICT HAL Hallowell, Edward M., ill. Bill Mayer A walk in the rain with a brain 2004

PICT HAR Harrison, Troon; ill. Eugenie Fernandes Aaron’s awful allergies 1996

PICT HES Hessell, Jenny; ill. Trevor Pye Grandma McGarvey and the Puddle St gang (ageing; Alzheimers) 2009

PICT HUB Hubbell, Patricia; ill. Lisa Campbell Ernst Sea, sand, me! (sunsmart) 2001

PICT KOP Kopelke, Lisa Tissue, please! 2004

PICT KRA Krauss, Ruth; ill. Helen Oxenbury The growing story (growth) 2000

PICT LAN Langley, Marie; ill. Samer Hatam Pukeko (road safety) 2006

PICT LAR Lardner, Kym; ill. Oliver Lardner The naked penguin (inferiority complex) 2008

PICT LAW Lawson, Sue; ill. Caroline Magerl My gran’s different (Alzheimers) 2003

PICT LEA Lears, Laurie; ill. Gail Piazza Becky the brave : a story about epilepsy 2002

PICT LEE Lee, Lyn and Gamble, Kim Eight (growth) 2007

SPICT LIA Liao, Jimmy The blue stone : a journey through life (growth; sadness; homesickness) 2008

PICT LUB Lubner, Susan; ill. Bruce Whatley Ruthie Bon Bair : do not go to bed with wringing wet hair (hygiene) 2006

PICT LUN Lund, Deb; ill. Howard Fine Dinosailors (seasickness) 2006

PICT MCG McG, Shane Evie’s mad hair day (hygiene) 2005

PICT MCK McKinlay, Penny; ill. Britta Teckentrup Bumposaurus (short-sightedness) 2003

PICT MAY Mayer, Pamela The Grandma cure 2005

PICT MEN Menchin, Scott Taking a bath with the dog : and other things that make me happy 2007

PICT MIL Miller, David Big and me (depression) 2008

PICT MIL Milord, Susan Pebble : a story about belonging (self acceptance) 2007

SPICT MON Montano, Josie; ill. Matt Ottley The bubble (depression) 2006

PICT MOR Moroney, Trace When I’m feeling sad 2005

PICT MOU Mountain, Peter; ill. Bryan Pollard Smelly-locks (an Exceptional story book from New Zealand) (hygiene) 2005

PICT MUR Murray, Marjorie Dennis; ill. Kevin O’Malley Hippo goes bananas (toothache) 2006

PICT NEA Neale, Rochelle; ill. Ross Kinnaird I know about babies 2005

PICT NIL Niland, Kilmeny Fat Pat (obesity; healthy eating) 2008

PICT ORA Orams, LeAnne; ill. Lamia Aziz Pi’s problem (NZ) (healthy eating; acceptance of differences) 2004

PICT OSM Osment, Michell; ill. Sunset Perky by the roadside (NZ) (road safety) 2006

PICT PAL Palmer, Rebekah; ill. Megan McKenzie Little blue penguins (NZ) (road safety) 2008

PICT PER Perkins, Lynne Rae The broken cat (fractures and how they mend) 2002

PICT POS Postgate, Daniel Smelly Bill 2007 (hygiene)

PICT QUA Quarmby, Katharine; ill. Piet Grobler Fussy Freya (fussy eater) 2008

PICT RAI Rainforth, Hannah; ill. Ali Teo Barnaby Bennett (NZ) (hygiene) 2006

PICT RAS Raschka, Chris Five for a little one (five senses) 2006

PICT RAY Rayner, Catherine Augustus and his smile (sadness, depression) 2006; Harris finds his feet (growth; growing up) 2008

PICT REG Rego, Marion Crossing the road (NZ—road safety) 2005
PICT RID Riddle, Tohby Nobody owns the moon (belonging) 2008

PICT ROB Roberton, Jason Undercover Cody and the magical backpack (sunsmart—NZ Cancer Society) 2002

PICT ROS Ross, Tony I don’t want to wash my hands 2003 (new edition of Wash your hands 2001)

PICT RYL Rylant, Cynthia: ill. Arthur Howard Mr Putter & Tabby run the race (aging) 2008

PICT SHO Shore, Diane Z. and Alexander, Jessica; ill. Teri Weidner Look both ways : a cautionary tale (road safety) 2005

PICT SIM Simms, Laura; ill. David Catrow Rotten teeth 1998

PICT STE Stewart, Joel Addis Berner Bear forgets (belonging) 2008

PICT STO Stohner, Anu; ill. Henrike Wilson Santa’s littlest helper travels the world 2007

PICT SZY Szymanik, Melinda; ill. Malcolm Evans Clever Moo (allergies) 2006

PICT TEC Teckentrup, Britta Big smelly bear (hygiene) 2007

PICT UFF Uff, Caroline The worry monster (anxiety) 2006

PICT VER Verroken, Sarah Feeling sad 2007

PICT WAD Waddell, Martin; ill. Penny Dale Once there were giants (growth) 2001 edition

PICT WES Westall, Robert; ill. William Geldart David and the kittens (importance of emotional support; factual information on animal birth) 2003

PICT WHI Whiting, Sue; ill. Donna Rawlins The firefighters (fire safety- junior) 2008

PICT WOR Wormell, Christopher The saddest king (the need to express emotion) 2007

PICT YAM Yamamoto, Lani Albert 3 (self esteem) 2007

PICT YAR Yarrow, Peter and Lipton, Lenny; ill. Eric Puybaret Puff the magic dragon (growth--includes audio CD) 2007

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